Disabled Servicemen Climb Kilimanjaro

trelawney126 said:
Rumrat said:
trelawney126 said:

OK you salt rubbing git, so I only managed Snowdon :oops: :oops: :oops: 8O :D
Ease off shippers. I also did Snowdon. That train ride was really something else :wink:
You took the easy route up and climbed!
You now tell me there is a train, so I could have ridden up took the photy (for the proof for money) and been home for tea.
I'm glad I have oppo's :roll: :wink:
No. I've now been up there twice, once planned, and the other by mistake.
Was travelling Intercity 125 Express Paddington to Plymouth when the Loco drivers Sat Nav wasn't updated properly.
Needless to say when we got around Carlise he asked a Yak like person the way to Penzance. Her having only limted knowledge of English directed him wrongly, As you will be aware that Left in English means Left.
In Wales LLefft, as opposed to LLright, roughly translated means Ffcuk off,English nobber. Hence my main reason for going there twice.
Beware the Yaks wearing pointy tophats are the more vicious. :wink:

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