Disabled parking v Mothers and babies

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by SONAR-BENDER, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Normally, I never read this woman's column, but today I did and it got me thinking and I have to say I sort of agree with what she is getting at.

    Liz Jones: Disabled parking bays are perfect - for my Land Rover | Mail Online

    Personally, I never park in a disbaled bay, but it does irk when, as she says, there are loads of disabled bays in a place where it would be unlikely to see that many disabled people parking. I was once prosecuted by Fareham council for doing a 3 point turn using a disabled bay........... it was a row of about 20 - and all were empty at the time. (I got off, but only 2 days before we went to court!)

    But mother and baby parking - well that's fair game! Nobody made them have a sprog and then take it to the shops! I have a sore back and knees, not disabling, but a pain in the arse (pun intended!) so outside B&Q etc, mother and baby every time! No guilt!
  2. Not sure where you live sonar, but I find disabled bays are normally full, often with many of the cars not displaying a badge. My late mother was severely disabled, taking her out was often made increasingly difficult unless there were two of us with her - one to help her out of the car and stay with her whilst the other went off to find a parking space - she would have been unable to get out of the car in a normal bay as the door had to be fully opened for her to have a chance of getting in or out

    I hope this woman in now targeted by the boys and girls with yellow bands around their caps.
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  3. I'd like a crip sticker but I cant afford a 4 wheel drive or beemer
  4. I make a point of parking in 'mothers and baby bays' having a child is not a fekin disability, the best part being when I am challenged by some munter in her 4x4 school run wagon.
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  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    She's the one who was run out of her village on Exmoor for writing about how shite the countryside was. In my view she should be given a disabled badge, after all she must have a pretty sore back from having her head up her arse for so long....
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  6. It really pisses me off.....B&Q FFS....who needs to take a baby there ?......anyway, they have a website and a delivery service if the sprog has to be with it's mom all the time. :blob6:
  7. I think it's mainly cause the bays are wider and so can get a car seat out more easily as need the doors wide open and in a normal width bay this isn't always possible. Once they get to the pram stage (that are kept in the boot and thus not a problem, the prams not the babies) I don't see why people need to use them still, when I go shopping with my friends who have little ones they don't mind parking in a normal space, it's only going to be a bit of an extra walk innit.
  8. [​IMG]....oi...can't park here Jack !
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. She writes for the Daily Mail...
  11. I once parked in the mother and child bay when I took my 80 year old mum shopping, as I said to the bloke who said I couldn't park there, the sign doesn't give an age limit or who has to be driving!
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  12. Its for the best. As I see it if you make these fat little kids walk more then there will be less obese ones!?

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  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why not write to the major supermarkets and suggest that they move all of the Mother and Baby parking spaces to the far side of the carpark. I bet they wouldn't be used much./
  14. :naka:Don't get me fucking started. I have limited left side mobility following a stroke. Lesley has crushed discs in the lower spine C.O.P.D.and heart failure. We always have the wheel chair in the car, I can walk a bit better pushing it, while Lesley walks as far as possible then uses the chair.I've still got a right hook that Rocky Graziano would have envied and have come very close to using it on 4 track cunts over disabled spaces. This rancid slag takes the parking space I hope she gets a disability. Also that other piece of shit Littlejohn.:violent1: I have bitten in spades and am registering a complaint of a disability hate crime. :read2: [Rocky Graziano, street fighter and jailbird from New York city briefly world middleweight champ 1940s, he featured Tony Curtis more than Paul Newman who played him in "Somebody up there likes me"}
  15. My car probably has more dents than yours. What will you do when I block you in?

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  16. This issue with shops and supermarkets that have disabled bay and mother and baby bays is, it is up to the shop to police them, I have seen Asda in Guzz use a private firm to ticket non-disabled car drivers parked in disabled bay, but that’s the only shop I have seen actively police their bays, it is normally up to your level of moral standing and unfortunately including the woman that wrote this article, there are many lacking moral fibre, they are so full of their own importance and living in their own little world they do not give a shit about anyone else.
    And yes both my wife and I are blue badge holders, when I am having a good day I will often park at the far end of car park from shop, always loads of space, to give my knacked muscles some flexing, and I often wonder do those that miss use the disabled bays know how much of a dis-service they are to themselves being lazy?
    I have thought about having some blue badge stickers made so I can stick them smack bang in the middle of the misuse driver’s window screen, it would cause no harm but would delay them an hour or so whilst they remove it so they could see to drive? As they choose to make my difficult so I would theirs.
  17. Larger spaces for those with small children are reasonable enough. There's no reason why they need to be near the doors though, being a parent isn't a disability.
    As for those who use disabled spaces - I think it says a lot more about them then they realise. If nothing else it shows them to be bloody bone idle! How difficult is it to park a bit further away and walk those extra yards? I've even seen people use the disabled spots at the gym rather than park 50 yards further away! Surely the extra phys would be a bonus?
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  18. I have a disabled badge in the car for when I have to play taxi and run M-in-L about. Disabled bays are a must because a normal bay is not wide enough to get her out of the car door so if I catch Ms Jones or whatever her name is parking her soddin great Chealsa Tractor in a disabled bay she's going to get a right Naval Bollocking!

    Mind did see a car parked in a Disabled Bay the other day with a parking ticket ... Yes it had a disabled badge displayed ... only it was the wrong way up! Soddin' Jobs Worth of a traffic warden!
  19. What makes this whole thing worse, is that my local TESCO and ASDA have disable and mother & child parking bays all the way down the middle of the carpark. So the closest normal parking bay is maybe 60ft from the store, but the furthest special bay is at least 300ft away. Surely if they are disabled or have kids, they would need to be closer? And the cherry on the cake for me, is that whenever I go to TESCO, there are never more than half of the bays being used, there are ALWAYS free spots.
  20. Because you can immediately tell if someones disabled straight away, just by looking at them ?
    Or even their future plans, for instance, them stopping to pick up a disabled relative ?

    More intolerance, thats what this world needs.

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