Historically midshipmen would be young lads of 12 or 13, and therefore couldn't have a full sized weapon - as such, they were given a small sword, known as a Midshipmans Dirk until they grew old enough to carry a larger weapon.

Not to be confused with the Scottish Dirk, which is smaller - it's a different weapon basically.

Any help?
Lynx101 said:
Thanks, is it still used at all? I remember somewhere ages ago seeing that someone had worn it with No. 2's??
Not by the Royal Navy, however the Royal Netherlands Navy still issue ceremonial Dirks to their Midshipmen during their time at Den Helder (their version of Dartmouth).
Anyone wearing it with No2's would be quite rightly ripped to shreds. Very throbberish IMHO ;) Plus it counts as a sword, so whoever it was wouldn't have been able to hang it on the swordbelt, so would have had to carry it all night - poor drills!

And no, I don't even think the Naval Pattern is recognised anymore, Middies parade with a full sword so there is no need to have the shorty version.
OMFG. (Excuse the TXT lingo.)
Lynx seems to have a perchant for boneness equalled only by the Potential OR numpty of yesteryear Credders! :evil:


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haha, no, I've only ever seen one for sale and had never seen one before, and wikipedia gave me no help :p Besides, its not on the kit list :D Wouldn't you rather discuss swords then whether your blazer is correct because it has 2 buttons etc!? (mine does have 2 buttons btw) :p

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