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I think you are all being horrible to an extremelly able young thruster who has risen by merit and hard work through the wonderful branch of the armed forces known as the Sea Cadets. He should be recruited immediatelly and put in charge of guarding the Heads to ensure none of that wondefully expensive bog roll is purloined!


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Reading through your offensive comments, I'm guesssing that none of you have reached the rank of CPO yet?
Offensive. Offensive. best you join the RAF Mr CPO Sea Cadet person!!! Your way too delicate for working with we bringers of sarcasm and wit. Get a life or Foxtrot Oscar. Message Ends.

Chris P

CPO sea have no idea about the real mob otherwise you wouldn't be chirping on about offensive or asking such a stupid question in the first place - grow up!!


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OP - the site was powering down there for a while but I must thank you, on behalf of the others, on your excellent post which has injected some much needed amusement and incredulity as we tackle these trying times.

Bravo, young 'un, bravo.

But if your query was real and not a deliberate attempt at a wind up, then may whatever God(s) you worship have mercy upon your soul.

Oh, and the thread has been moved to the barge.

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