Direct Entry - Naval Police.

do they get a little black book to take notes?:(

2 time failure,if not PTI stuff you are choosing the right branch, work hard, good luck, try and stay the course. Obviously no chance of being a submariner.

Club swinger is still sideways entry.

Thanks for the well wishing, will need approval to process first though.

Don't get the submariner bit.
I'm currently with the MOD Police and I have been looking at the RN Police as a potential move. I have looked at the RN site and cannot seem to find anything on direct entry!?

I will have a chat with my local AFCO soon, but can anyone shed some light on the process?
Did you ever go through with it? I'm thinking the same as you (yes I realise this is an old thread but trying to get a decent reply about RNP is like finding a needle in a haystack!)

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