Direct Entry Marine Engineering Officer


Like i said in my previous comments, 'Yeah great help, Thanks', Im not trying to win any prizes, did now know you could win prizes on here? Im dont understand why i was called ungreatful for saying thanks?

Its not my fault i could not understand what seadog was saying. Communicatuion is key in the Navy, am i right?


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Communication is key everywhere. Both @janner and I have communicated to you that the only definitive answers to your questions will be those provided by your AFCO. You appear not to have received our communications. I can only conclude that your receiving equipment is defective and needs to be repaired immediately.


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Sorry, i cant understand your grammar.
And I have not even been posting in this thread, well I'll be buggered? best arranged an interview with your recruiter, and take notes, requires writing implement and paper, old school stuff. Then come back and up date us with you notes, we will know next time to point OP's to your thread?

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