Direct entry junglie aircrewman advice


Hi All,

I would like to join the armed forces once i leave college in summer 2020.
Both of my parents are Royal Navy engineers who have spent much of their career
on CHF squadrons at RNAS Yeovilton. Growing up i always had my heart set on
being a Royal Marine, but unfortunately i have been blessed with a high metabolism
and struggle to put on large amounts of muscle mass.

I have been looking into the direct entry aircrewman option into the royal navy,
but from what i have heard, most junglie aircrewman are now bootnecks, and i would
most likely end up as a pinger aircrewman. Something about that just doesnt sit right
with me, as the junglie world is something i always wanted to be a part of.

Does anyone have any more information that could help me make my decision? Or would becoming
a junglie require taking a different job?

Thanks all in advance.


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Ex aircrewman here. You will at some time go Pinger. It would be extremely rare you would/could remain single stream, ie. Junglie aircrew. The emphasis in the Royal Navy role as aircrewman has mostly been concentrated on ASW or 'pinger'. The days of SAR aircrewman, SAR Diver, Communications and Missile Aimer have past. The main drive is ASW and Junglie usually in that order.
Have a search on here, much info on aircrewman and their current roles and training. Search box is top right on the home page.


I've been doing research into aircrewman as I am looking at pilot or aircrewman. I suggest going to your nearest AFCO to register your interest. They are really laid back and are able to answer all of your questions. I went there in December and found out that the current wait time is 21 months, so she said to apply ASAP


Thank you loads mate, I'll register my interest asap. I'm just still not sure whether I want to go for the green beret first, wary that if I get injured at CTC then that could affect me going for aircrewman, so I might just go straight for aircrewman. Not entirely sure, if anyone has been in a similar situation is really appreciate your thoughts



No mate, it's still open, but if I'm honest my metabolism will probably be a limiting factor for me. All I seem to be able to do is burn off fat, and not actually out any muscle mass on.


I'd rather work my fitness up to navy standard, and then work towards maybe the all arms course instead of risking my career with injury from the get-go


If you decide to join the RM it will hinder your chances of becoming a ACMN, you will need to be a substantive OR6 before being allowed to transfer.

Join direct as a RN ACMN. We’ve had junior RM rating leave and rejoin the RN to speed up their transfer to ACMN.


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Speak with your parents as they will have quite a lot of info.
I know that kids never listen to Mum & Dad but they may have info that would help.
As for going for your green lid get your aircrew training sorted first.
If you wanted to get the green lid first you would have to join RM first then transfer to the aircrew stream.

If jungle aircrew is what you want join as aircrew and worry about the green lid later although you don't have to have it.