Direct Entry - Confused

I've been looking into DE as an Officer in the RNR and am getting more and more confused.

So, I want to join the RNR through the DE route to become an officer. I am aware that I have to passed the AIB but this may not be for 18 months or so. Now during the 18 months before the AIB, would I be training as a Rating or is it just a matter of remaining an applicant undergoing no official training for the 18 months until you sit the AIB??
Not gospel by any means, but from what I have seen of YOs at our place, and from friends going or trying to go DE, you wait for your AIB, pass, and then start your training. I dont believe that you do any training prior to that point.

If there is a long list, why not go in as a rating, crack on, learn whats what and get picked up for an internally recommended AIB? You will learn more nuts-an-bolts about the RNR and what it does, and see if it is really for you.


As far as I'm aware, other than a directive to 'keep in touch', there doesn't appear to be any clear guidance on exactly what RNR units are supposed to do with Direct Entry officer candidates, if anything, whilst they await their AIB.

So it depends on which unit you are 'attached' to as to what might happen. Can't speak for the others, but at President the DEs initially join the ratings New Entry class and then pass on to the JOs class. If nothing else it gives them an earlier introduction to the military/navy in general and the unit in particular. Its not bad preparation for AIB either and time in the JO class could save time between AIB and Fleetboard.

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