Dingley class inshore minehunters

I served on HMS Aveley during the '70's which was the last of the Dingley class of inshore minehunters.
I wonder if there is anyone on this forum who was onboard at around the same time '75-'77.
As for being inshore we probably spent more time at sea than many proper 'grey' ships (When I joined the ship was painted in the same colours as the royal yacht with which we shared a warehouse).
A storm in the Channel in this thing was nothing short of frightening.
All the best
I also served on the Aveley in the 70's and also while it was coloured with a black hull and a white superstructure. I think I was on her around 73/74. Haha maybe you were my relief!
He may not answer as the post was 6 years ago. Good thread resurrection though :)
Wonder where he went, I used to think his posts droll and funny.
The age some of the posters are now you get worried to ask.
I went off air for a week or two and the fuckin RR CID were after me.

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