Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Haggis_Catcher, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. right guys got a dilemma i am going to have to get a new motor. Currently got a audi rs4 but it pains me to say its going to have to go with mr brown going to charge 950 for tax and the 4.2 ltr engine doesn't exactly give good mpg. so guys anyone got any ideas for a replacement the car still needs to go like stink but be good on the motorway miles.
    current candidates are saab 9-5 aero and mondeo st.
  2. There are loads, Cant go wrong with a BMW M3 tho, I liked the look of the Insignia VXR on Top gear the other day- if a car can still look interesting with James May in it, it has to be good!
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Probably some good deals to be had on the Saab given the current uncertainty of the company and it would certainly be less bland than the Ford Mundaneo.
  4. just test drove a saab today can do a straight swap for the audi and get a brand new one and actually got above 20 mpg which is a bonus and also going to try the insignia vxr later if its in the showrooms.
  5. Skoda fabia vrs (The VRS SE is fully loaded v nice if you can get one)40-60mpg 130mph £120pa road tax or the Octavia vrs if you want new. the Police use em round here as Q cars and for their highspeed training ,they handle better four up and loaded that BMWs.
  6. When my car was being repaired I had an Alfa 159 courtesy car, very nice if you can live with a diesel.

    Pretty quick with a nice chunky turbo and great fuel economy, I did London to Cumbria and back for around £70.

    The reliability and build quality is by no means German but definitely on a par with most other Euro Saloons these days.

    The petrol Ti model is the daddy and can be picked up second hand for a reasonable price.

    My next car will definitely be a 159 Sportwagon.
  7. alfa brera s is a beautiful looking car might be worth a shot aswell and not to keen on diesel as never drove one since i passed my test.
  8. I've got a Brera S at the moment. It rocks my World. If you get one just remember that the two leather things that look like seats in the back are actually only useful for putting luggage on.
  9. well wont help with me being 6ft 4 then will be a definite parcel shelf.
  10. update decided to buy this Scirocco gt today an a happy chappy. :D
  11. Nice choice. V. Jealous!
  12. Ditto :thumbright:
  13. Hmmm, I hope you didn't lay down the bones for that Scirroco yet Haggis!!! They understeer like mad, so I hope it doesn't have those wheels/tyres. Ah well, you'll be used to understeer with an RS4.....

    I own a 9-5 Aero and a Mondeo ST (200hp V6 ) The Aero seats are way more comfortable for the M-way, the ST is lighter, sounds great, and is cheaper to run and insure. The Aero is faster, closer to your RS with the Turbo welly, The ST is nimble and really quick enough for most things. Being a tall geezer I would go with the Aero, or consider a Legacy GT, the Impreza is a bit small in comparison.
  14. It's nice, but to quote Clarkson:

    ''The Alfa Brera S vomits in it's face.''
  15. all ready bought it yesterday and going to pick it up later. cost a cool 29 grand. But i enjoyed the drive more than the saab i think im attracted to shiny things. :oops: :oops:
  16. It is indeed v.shiny. Which engine and tranny does it have, 265hp and DSG? Id have thought the R36 Passat was more of a replacement but I doubt thats much cheaper on the Broon Tax.
  17. that's the one but the car has a rieger body kit and 20inch alloys.
  18. Fcuk sake - you could have got a real car for that sort of money.
  19. whats a real car then

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