Hello, Basically I'm 28, I chose the Aircraft Handler trade but when I went to take my interview with the careers adviser, he told me it would be an 18 month wait (which I knew already from looking on here) and gave me some reading material on other career options, we went ahead with the interview which I passed, but my chosen career was left undecided and for me to get back to him within a week with a decision... Now, what I picked up from the interview was that he was definitely pushing my mind towards other trades with a shorter waiting time (especially submarine service) I think this was to do with my age, the waiting time (in which time I could change my mind about joining) and the fact my employment history is not very stable, so I do think he had a good point.

So what I'm asking is, do you think I should wait? or get my Royal Navy life underway?

P.S. The only other career options I was interested in was Personnel Logistician or CIS.
To be honest it all depends on how much you want a specific trade. If you chose a trade purely to cut time, you may get trapped in a occupation you may, at a later date regret.

If, on the other hand time is immaterial then it may pay in the long term to wait.

There can be nothing worse than being trapped inside a job you hate and cannot escape from.

I would say any FAA trade is worth waiting for, but only you can decide ultimately.
It largely depends on your motivations, although I'd note that the three trades you identify are radically different beasts. You need to do some thinking about that side of it as well;

AH is outside, the other two are predominantly office based.

AH will spend most of a career ashore in an Air Station with the only seagoing opportunities in the big ships, the other two are employed in all kinds of ships and submarines as well as ashore.

I imagine that the RT test scores required are also quite different, reflecting the very different natures of the training required.

If you want to get into the RN then seriously consider other trades, if you want to be AH then it may be worth waiting.

At the end of the day it's your decision, all you can take from this is views on the pros and cons of each approach.


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Do not, under any circumstances, opt to join any specialisation on the grounds of waiting times to join.

The maximum age is 37 for Ratings & when you sign-on, you sign an understanding that you accept that you are satisfied with your branch of choice and cannot change trades once you join.

Choose a job you want to do & stick by it.
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