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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by KateshortforBob, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. First off I'm going to hold my hands up and admit to being a civvie, so apologies in advance if I inadvertently say something stupid!

    I promised to write to a RM friend while he's away and have a DII e-mail address for him. I think he's now transferred to another ship/place and my question is, if I use the e-mail address I have - which is specific to the ship he was on, what will happen to the letter? Is it likely to be forwarded to him or would he be able to retrieve it from another DII terminal? Or would I be wasting my time by sending it in the first place?!
  2. It depends.

    You say the address is a ship specific one. Do you have an address which has his name and 3 numbers in it as well? It also depends on if the new ship that he is at has DII as well, not all ships have it yet.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks for the reply. The address doesn't include his name - just the ship's BFPO number, the name of the unit he is with followed by a string of letters and numbers. Think the new ship might be Ocean.
  4. He will have at least two email addresses. One or more will be specific to his role(s) on ship and one will follow him around wherever he goes in the format of [email protected].
  5. Unfortunately sounds like you have the old style one that they are getting rid of for DII. There is a chance he has set a forward up on it but being a bootie I doubt it.
  6. Dear John.........
  7. Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate the info.
  8. Could I suggest a short letter to him?

    If it is OCEAN, to:

    Name, HMS OCEAN, BFPO 350

    I am sure he would appreciate it.
  9. With Photos??
  10. Think the best option is to use the snail mail address he gave me for the first ship, (without photos - I've heard about what happens to those!!), - hopefully it'll get forwarded to wherever he is now. BTW, loving the picture, Witsend, very amusing!
  11. Do you know any of his friends or relatives, KSFB?
  12. I bet he's got his mobile phone with him, so use your thumbs, and
    when he goes topside to run round the deck it'll go "beep!".

    Job done.


    Ali ben-al-Wazza,

    (Duty Assistant manager)

    Virgin Media Help Desk
  13. Yes, but they are part of the same unit, so equally incommunicado!

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