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I've just had a BT line and Broadband put in so that I can use my recently issued DII laptop from my "home office".

The laptop does not come up with the X-Kryptor log on screen, so I cannot connect to the net or email.

Having spoken to the SPOC they have diagnosed an issue with the BT Hub blocking VPN. I've been into the settings on the router and enabled "Port Clamping" which is supposed to be a quick fix to VPN snags.

It has changed nothing, nor has disconnecting my civvy computer and phone from the WiFi (as recommended by SPOC).

Is there anyone computer savvy enough to get me up and running? Many thanks!


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You will need to open up ports on the hub to allow the VPN to tunnel through. I don't know enough about BT Hubs so best you ring BT support and get them to walk you through it.
Or put the dii machine into the router's DMZ might do it.

Pretty sure a home hub admin page is at (just type it into your broswer - might be .1.1) and then there will be a password on the label. Have a look at the firewall settings as having to set up port forwarding to establish a VPN is a pretty high security level. Once I would have been able to tell you the xkryptor port number, but it has slipped my mind.

This might be a stupid question, but you are selecting 'dial up networking' from the boot screen when you first turn the laptop on? Never quite understood why you took the dial up option when you are vpn'ing but you need to.
Hi chaps, I am selecting dial up networking... I can get into the hub settings through my civvy laptop and do a few things, but it seems like a very dumbed down, unadjustable router... That makes sense as it is designed for a home. BT have had their "system down" every time I've called, but I'll try again now. Does anyone else use one of these DII laptops at home, and if so, which router and or ISP do you use?
I've got a DII laptop and have used it at home for years with no problems using Virgin Media broadband and an Apple Airport router. It does help to have the ethernet cable plugged in before booting the laptop. If I do that the X-Kryptor logon comes up when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del to logon. If you plug the network cable in later it can be tempermental.
Like Oasis, I used to use mine at home with Virgin with no problem. Agree that you should have all pulugged in first and I recommend that when the xkrytor logon comes up when you first pres ctrl alt del you do the xkryptor before proceeding with login.

Is there a hint of 'advanced' settings on the home-hub. Most I have played with have a dumbed down front end as you describe, but an advnaced section for port forwarding, dmz, mac filtering etc.

Another wild idea. Are you getting lights on the router port and laptop NIC to indicate that the laptop and router can see each other? Have you tried using a different ethernet cable just in case?

I've seen lots of issues with VPNs not working with Virgin Broadband, BT, Orange and a host of others.

There are some solutions out there which I have come across.
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