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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Since I was DII(F)ed last friday, I can't get into the RumRation Site from the Firm's computer, even though I can still log on to Arrse and PPRuNe (and e-Goat, irratingly enough). I get the Error Message "Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. Not implemented".

    All advice/guidance on accessing it would be gratefully accepted.
  2. No advice on that one but since I'm going back to the land of Dii soon I'm an interested observer. Someone will know what's going on but hopefully it won't be the thought police at work.

  3. DII is imminent at my place.

    Dreading the thought of what I'll be blocked from.

    Talk about 2 steps back.
  4. It's more likely to be a problem with your PC or site, check it out from other DII terminals around the office.

    The browser filters are provided by BT, not Atlas. As I recall the DII contract doesn't include the web service.
  5. This is a new one for me too. DII causes menu problems on ARRSE, and has been the subject of a lot of debate, but we've never had this before. Since RR is now on the same webserver as ARRSE it seems unlikely that we're to blame, unless it was just a short term glitch.
  6. Speaking of dii, ArRSe and RR, the dii option from the drop-down menu, which works fine for me on ArRSe does not work at all on RR. For info, I am not on dii proper, but still on Navystar.
  7. I've recently migrated to DII(F) and have no problem getting RR at my desk - still do not get all the pictures though :D
  8. :roll:
    If you click on More Rum Ration in the header, you will get the equivalent page that you do if you click on dii in ArRSe. Hope this helps.
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    'Migrated' a few weeks ago. I can access RR and ARRSE but I can't highlight text for quoting, not that I'm a fan of logging on at work.
  10. Sometimes the 502 error appears from migration to a server containing stricter SP2 ISA settings or from direct installation of SP2 ISA on the current server. A work-around that seems to work in similar situations can be to disable caching specifically for "Rum Ration" under Internet options within Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or whatever client you use. If available and possible, check [x] the box entitled 'do not cache pages greater than 1kb' aswell.


    To: Domain Name Set - Contains 'www.navy-net.co.uk'
    Cache Store and Retrieval: Only if a valid version exists, and Never, no content will ever be cached
    HTTP: Uncheck Enable HTTP Caching [ ]
    FTP: Uncheck Enable FTP Caching [ ]
    Advanced: Check Do not cache Objects larger than: 1kb [x]

    Let us know if it helps.

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