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Difficulty getting into RFA as apprentice chef?


Just wondering how hard it is to get in? I sent off my initial application a couple of days ago and was wondering what the process is. I have been a chef for about 5 years now and currently work as a civillian chef in 42 commando, but I am unsure what they look for during the application process


Lantern Swinger
Can I ask why the RFA and not the RN? I believe the RN are pretty short of chefs and you could be in quite quick. Golden hellos are available also


Yeah reason mainly being I have roots and a house where I am and I dont want to run the risk of being posted outside of Plymouth (where I currently live)

RFA means I can still live in Plymouth and it won't affect my homelife when on leave.


I know that @Drakey, but I figured as the chef training is at Raleigh, then that would be where I am based. Also If I need to travel somewhere to board a ship, its not as bad as having to live somewhere else because I am based there


Lantern Swinger
Not all RFAs are based in Plymouth.

The RFA dosent homebase any ships, but due to our FOST friends we can often be found there.

But more to the point, as we work the Merchant routine of 4 months on, 3 months off, you can realistically manage a home life wherever you choose. The basic deal is RN = better cash, RFA = better work/life balance.


It would be better for me if it was at worthy down for RFA LSO trainee. I am at BRNC in Feb then onto Raleigh in may if successful for specific training the trek from Glasgow to Raleigh is putting me off lol


It would be better for me if it was at worthy down for RFA LSO trainee. I am at BRNC in Feb then onto Raleigh in may if successful for specific training the trek from Glasgow to Raleigh is putting me off lol

I currently do civilian catering at 42 commando in Plymouth and to be honest long journeys like that a lot of lower rates car share. Im sure you will find someone willing to do the same


thanks ultramantis, hopefully there are a few in the same boat the flights down are not bad trying to maximize weekend leave or the wife will no doubt kill me hahahahah


I could be wrong unless they have changed things, but it's highly unlikely that you will be offered an apprenticeship as a chef if you are already qualified as a chef. You may need to apply for a different trade.


The reason I went for apprenticeship is because although i have been cooking for years, I never got my NVQ lvl 2 which i believe you need to apply for a chef position


Average time from applying to starting chef apprenticeship course is 9 months - 1 year.
This is form the apprentices I recieve

Thanks for this, apparently my form was passed to the AFCO (from what I was told) and I was told the turnaround was about 4 weeks until I heard something either way. I'm just worried as I sent my online application through but there was an issue with the online services so I had to send a different application through to an email address, just concerned something may have gotten lost along the way.
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