"Different shades of disaster"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flymo, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Have a look at this video from MoneyWeek: Linky

  2. Gulp indeed.
  3. Anyone would think they're trying to sell something .....
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  4. Anyone got an underground shelter going spare? Looks like these Doomsday Preppers aren't so daft at all. This does explain why the Chinese are buying up the world's gold; are the rumours of the US Gold reserve not being able to cover that country's debts true. Insert another <gulp> here. Money may well soon be worthless - well, arguably money is already worthless if you consider what it really stands for
  5. Indeed. Quantative Easing (printing money) has been undermining the value of both the pound and our savings/pension buying power. The state has been quietyly robbing us while we look on
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I remember as a wee lad in the 70's my dad getting the pussers hurricane lamps ready for the power cuts.

    It took me nearly 20 years to hear the "hiss" of them again, by that time I was a bootneck in Norway and it gave me a pang of nostalgia.... :)

    Trouble is this time around the power companies aren't even British, let alone state owned, if what the video says is true should I start job hunting down here for you fellas?
  7. I'm with Bad CO on this one, starts off with a good scare story but then tells you they can invest your money so you don't lose anything whereas previously they state that all investments will be worthless and the Government will take all your money you make from any investments. Confusing or what.
  8. I've just wasted half an hour of my life watching that.

    I turned it off as soon as it asked me to click on a link telling me what investments to make.

    As Bad CO suggested, just an advert really.
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  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've sent the link to my MP who was a Treasury policy wonk before he went into Parliament. I shall, of course, be told that everything in the garden is lovely and that Osborne is a genius who is doing exactly the right thing.

    The nearby field full of rabbits is going to be built on so that's no good. And I think the cockles in the harbour may be contaminated. And the children next door are too thin. Maybe I shall have to dig up the lawn and grow potatoes.
  10. I did the same. I wonder if its true about how the Americans filled Fort Knox with gold! Will have to google it!
  11. I grew up with fruit and veg growing in the garden but I wonder if that is done these days as a matter of course as opposed to gardening enthusiasts.

    For that matter, I wonder how many young mums today could actually cook a range of dinners., puddings, cakes and biscuits with raw ingredients.

    It might be one hell of a steep learning curve if families had to resort to living as self sufficiently as they did 60 yrs ago
  12. My Mrs grows veg in the garden, tastes good but hacks me off when I get sent out last thing at night as the slug terminator, fortunately the frogs in the pond tend to trough most of them which is why we don't use slug pellets. I did get a "talking to" one evening as I was splattering the slugs all over the garden with my air rifle, I did point out that the air rifle pellets were known as slug pellets but it wasn't appreciated be 'er indoors.
  13. Sorry, should have mentioned the last bit re "invest here in this get rich scheme". If, as they say, we are in the financial mire then Blobs may have a few more neighbours to help throw an extra prawn on the barby.
  14. Has anyone watched 'til the end?

    Do we all disappear up our own overdrafts?
  15. I disappeared up my own mortage when Maggie refused to leave the ERM and interest rates went up to 17% back in 1990. Cost me my house and my Mrs!

    Best thing that ever happened to me as look where I am now! Wooo!
  16. Check this out - is the beginning of the gov's push to seperate us from our money as forecasted in the vid?

    Bank of England mulls negative interest rates - Business News - Business - The Independent

    People across Britain could see their savings hit or face new charges on their current accounts after a senior official at the Bank of England proposed the “extraordinary” measure of imposing negative interest rates on banks.
    Deputy Governor Paul Tucker said the idea of charging high street banks to store money centrally, rather than paying them interest, should be explored as a way of easing the flow of credit to the stagnant economy
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I was thinking, now when I think I like a beer so bear with me on this......

    The thrust of the article is the UK govt has lot of debts but interest rate are low so that all good, but, it'll go tits up when the interest rates rise.

    Interest rates are set by the people selling money, no one wants to buy money then the rate is low, lots of people want to buy, the rate is high. If the Govt doesn't want to buy anymore then the rate will stay low? You also have to take into consideration the old saying, "If you owe the bank 10 grand you're fucked, 10 million, they are". What's to stop all the Govts saying, "OK, we owe you money, we'll repay it at 1.5% not 3%, try and make us pay it at 3% and we'll just stop paying"

    The money they'll save by not paying anyone back will mean they wont need to borrow any....... :)
  18. Blobbs, If we refuse to pay back our debt (partially or fully) then no one else will lend us any more money or if they do it will be at an exorbitant interest rate (look at the Govnt. borrowing interest rates in Greece/Italy/Spain).

    The 'advert' and that is what it is, creates a 'need' in the eyes of the viewer by disclosing some disturbing images/projections etc (whether it/any of it is true is, in the context of the advert, b*llocks - it just needs to be believable - there is a difference). All fairly straight forward 'sales' tactics and to the cynical amongst us a load of old b*llocks to boot

    on the upside, the sort of minimum investment these boys are after runs into the hundreds of thousands so i would imagine that rules out most of us rum rationers (except Norway Chris who used to be the Governor of the Bank of England, dont you know)?
  19. Watched Max Keisler this am whilst having breakf.... sorry, scran. Expect Sterling (stand fast Stirling, we like you the size that you are) to be devalued some 30%, interest rates to rise, inflation to rise and with the devalued GBP and that oil is bought and sold in Dollars (WHY!? No wonder the West invaded Iraq ...) will mean that petrol will go to £2.50 a litre. Annoying thing is that he normally ends up being right.

    Why do governments get into debt? To feed the banks with business using the tax payers money. What a great scam. Governments do not need to go to banks to get money. They can do it alone themselves. Going against the Federal reserve didn't quite work out well for Lincoln (Greenback Law) and Kennedy (debt-free United States Notes) but who has the testicular fortitude to go against the true rulers, the banks?
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  20. I think this was the route that Iceland took. It's a confident man who doesn't think he'll ever fall in the shit again! I understand your thought process and it is very compelling - but it's all interlocked in my opinon.

    WTO has taken away that option of independance = no man's and island is also on the tip of my tongue
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