Different Regions - Different Training Standards?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. BZ to the SW region for their recent training weekend held on board the RFA and CUMBERLAND.

    Whoever sorted that one out deserves a serious pat on the back. It looked like an extremely useful peice of training.

    The reason for the post is are the other regions getting the same standard of training?

  2. It is a well known fact that the training DOWN SOUTH is not as severe has up North with those Southern Softies being of a delicate nature :bball:
  3. People forget that the Big Bang previous to this one also involved RN Ships and Helicopters plus boats frm the RMR.

    Not wishing to blow our own trumpets but the powers to be have stated that the SW region is currently the number one region at the moment for this type of activity.!

    The four things we have which have helped massively

    1) Naval Regional Commander (Commodore) is a top bloke who is keen to use his influence in the right places and whisper in the right ears to get things done. This includes not only tne RNR, RN but we have also had elements of the Army and Royal Marines (RMR).
    2) The regional training team are lead by people with what seems to be undying enthusiasm
    3) Key word Operational Capability..without fail pretty much every weekend has this as a theme which I think is absolutely essential....lifting barrells with a bit of string and a cornflake packet whilst avoiding an imaginery crocodile infested pit is good but not quite the same as frontline stuff.
    4) Prior planning well in advance. as soon as the regional weekend was over they were planning the next.

    In addition inviting employers and new recruits has been a massive success on the back of them. Its hardly surprising that most potential recruits after the weekend couldnt wait to sign on the dotted line.!

    If you thought the RFA and Cumberland were good...based on what we have been told for the next one it will look like a poor relation....(rubs hand in anticipation).

    Cant wait!
  4. You said one or two magic words in your response WM.

    1. Enthusiasm
    2. Planning.


    You're bloody right i am!

    Other regions - take note!
  5. Be fair Trehorn, there's plenty of that about. I put together a plan with lot's of these sorts of activities however the reality for both us, and the unit I beleve you are in is thus-

    1) we're quite a way a way from the main RN locations
    2) our budgets are then strained by considering point 1)

    That said there was hope that it could be planned for 2010. Hitting your point 2.

    Next there is a great deal of enthusiasim but I think sometimes it just needs a little spark. Personally I think this is where JOs can really show the value they bring to units at they're not just there to learn but to contribute, as officers, also.

    Generally, not always, they're not quite as pressured in their civvie jobs as the older members of the mess and as such should be trying to generate some input into events.

    Now, I'm not saying this should be for large scale events but enthusiasim isn't purely about 'big bang', the next amwex or branch training. It can come down to simply helping organise some AT, a few socials or even some low level training.

    The gunroom is extremely keen in my unit, it's growing rapidly (scarily so) and I imagine this will only help improve the affect had on our unit.

    Don't take this as a "JO's are the answer to everything" post. This is only my skewered call to arms per sae for them to step up. You may already have an excellent gun room, it doesn't stop the NCOs/lower deck getting involved.

    Finally we had an excellent summer ball this year, organised by a new entry who hadn't been to Raleigh at the time. Enthusiasim isn't rank ranged. It just perhaps holds rank expectation.
  6. Come on then, lets see how the type of training undertaken this year compares in each region.

    What region are you, what have you done, where and how would you rate it.

    Obviously bear in mind OPSEC/PERSEC.

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