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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I had my ICP a few weeks back and applied the following day. I received my letter confirming my date for the RT, along with the letter came a booklet with the practice questions and more information on the application process, Up until now I've read on here and on the Royal Navy site that the process goes...

    ICP, RT, Medical, PJFT and then the Interview, but in this book it says the selection interview comes after the RT and before the medical and the rest. I have looked through the forum for an answer and by what I can tell the book is wrong, I just want to be certain. Could anyone who is going through the app process currently let me know what order it was for them?

    Cheers guys

    Take it easy
  2. Personally mine went presentation, RT, interview, medical and then PJFT But that may differ depending on waiting times and recruiting offices (Guildford Office).
  3. Cheers pal, I don't mind which way it is just good to know in advance, are you still on the waiting list?
  4. Mate that booklet is out of date. I did mine RT, Interview, Med, PJFT but it has since changed order to become more cost effective.
  5. Yep 1 year 6 months to go for a start date
  6. my application went RT, Med, PJFT, Interview on the dates shown in my signature.

    Good luck with yours Cruizmunro
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, as stated, different AFCOs may swap the running order so that after the test it could be a big wait until tne next stage or the next stage could be medical or interview. In all cases it doesn't alter entry dates and the PJFT should not be taken until the individual has been passed fit.
  8. If you already know fair enough, but waiting times start from when you pass the RT test just in case you think it drags a bit.
  9. Personally mine went, RT, Interview, Medical then PJFT. But wasn't signed off medically fit before i did my PJFT because i had to do a peak flow chart for a month. My waiting time only started this month due to being passed off medically fit for Aircraft control.
  10. my application went RT, medical, PJFT, then interview, I didn't have an ICP either. But then again I just walked into the office and asked for an application form, I spose it just saved them money.
  11. Depends on job choice and office probably. Plus while the exam lasts 3 years, the medical doesnt. So an office will probably process each stage of your applications as it becomes convenient or necessary. Since the RT marks your waiting time as started. For point o interest ICP, RT, Medical Interview PJFT is the order my office has me down for. :)

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