Difference between teenage sex in the 60s and the 80 onwards


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Re: Difference between teenage sex in the 60s and the 80 onw

I have never ever seen an indian coming out of the doll office or more to the point a young indian lass pushing 5 prams with a fag hanging out of her mouth!!!!!!!!

At least they have dignity and strive to make themselves better!!!!!

I believe the reason for this, is that for the most part, these people (we see this in Canada a lot) live in a community within a community. the reason why you won't see a lot of them in public anyway's is because they all look after each other.

We have a large Lebanese community where I live, and yet you hardly ever hear about them, same with the Greeks and Iranians, they tend to look after themselves, whether it's because they distrust the authorities or it's just that way where they come from, maybe a combination of the two...

I blame it all on the Left Wing Liberal Hippies who smoked too much at Woodstock, and instead of teaching their kids discipline, allowed too much free rein, and then abolished corporal punishment in the school system...(I have felt both the Cane and Strap in my youth and believe me once was enough... :evil: )

Each successive generation convinces itself that they will not treat their offspring like they were treated....see the viscous cycle here, my old man grew up in London during the blitz, and when he came to Canada he brought his "victorian" upbringing with him, I know cause I had the welts, wasn't a lot but enough to convince me that to avoid this in future I had better watch myself. And I did promise myself I wouldn't do the same to my kids, and I didn't, but I did insist on discipline through teaching and to respect others. It's all about self discipline and the lack of common dog fcuk.....hopefully the gene pool will eventually weed out the idiots..
The solution of the welfare state in my opinion is really quite simple.

Old Age Pensions are paid from the working people that pay the National Insurance Stamp.
Were the benefits stopped to those who can work but will not, then they too when working would pay the Stamp, this would enable a decent Old Age pension to be paid.

This is without Immigration that is now out of control.


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Re: Difference between teenage sex in the 60s and the 80 onw

Greenie said:
Karma said:
Macro-economics doesn't come down to simple choices. I've made my position clear several times in this thread, reduce the level of state intervention in personal income.

I'd also have an associated reduction in state supported medical services.

Both of those open opportunity for private sector investment.

Karma --- I don't know who you are but I assume you are working and have a reasonable income and a steady future.
However stop reading books and come out and see for yourself .

Greenie. I acknowledge that I have a reasonable income, I'm not well off but I'm doing ok, and I have a reasonably sound resource base underneath me for the future. However, in common with many in my age group I wouldn't anticipate being able to stop working until I'm in my 70s, thirty years hence.

at the moment there are approximately 52% of the working population employed by the Government--civil servant or council pen pusher /worker.
They all vote Labour--if they didn't they would be on their fat butts. All with protected pensions and union controlled.

And indeed every serviceman is employed by the government. do we all vote Labour? Personally I never have. In fact I'm not a big fan of representative democracy, as you indicate, people vote according to their own self interest, to be succesful a liberal democracy needs the electors to exercise enlightened self interest, essentially recognising that sometimes personal benefit has to be sacrificed for the greater good of the tribe.

I think that concept of enlightened self interest works well in smaller groups, hence using the term tribe, it breaks down significantly in larger groups where personal relationships give way for preconceptions, prejudices etc. (Those wierd buggers in the next valley who've all got webbed feet) We can see it justnow in the prelude to the elections to the Edinburgh parish council, all the rhetoric from the SNP about an independent Scotland, wonder how they're going to fund everything they're suggesting?

I'd agree that there is a lot of inertia in the welfare state, and indeed in health provision. That is unaffordable in the medium to long term and as a result it has to implode at some point. Just how high will taxes have to go to continue funding it? At some stage taxes go high enough to drive the economy into a recession, and we all lose out. Do we really want to be mocing to the wholly socialist economy, with all the associated waste and corruption, which is the inevitable result.

A government has to do something, the question is how long until it happens. It's a very gutsy PM who would actually kick off the process though.

just keep paying the taxes

Right up until it stops being worthwhile. Where that point is, and what to do then is the question. I don't like the idea of living in a socialist state.


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Re: Difference between teenage sex in the 60s and the 80 onw

The problem in a nutshell is Gov't "over spending" and mismanagement of taxes received.

Why are Hospital expenditures so well...expensive, why does a jar of tongue depressors cost a couple of hundred dollars or 10 bucks a stick, I'll tell ya, the suppliers know the Gov't will spend huge amounts of monies for shit they don't need, just check out stores in DKYD....same with the pharmaceuticals industry which rakes in the billions, why isn't there some oversight being used to ensure proper expenditures...it's called creative accounting, and the same thing goes on with Pension plans, they will see it as free money to invest where they choose. I know here in Canada the RCMP are taking the Gov't to court on our behalf as well because they have spent our premiums for other purposes, thus not allowing the pension fund to grow and accumulate interest which can be used by the very people who paid into it..

And Karma, it's nice that your 40 and have seen the future, but don't forget that the vast majority of old age pensioners sometimes don't live long enough to collect on them,even after working their whole lives to put in. And that's the same with the Military pensions, most who pension out on crummy scales never get to see the Old age part (Fed pension is used against Old age pension so some is clawed back here in Canada).

Don't begrudge those that have gone before you, they have "paid their dues" and deserve to expect a relief at the end of their workable years.
Re: Difference between teenage sex in the 60s and the 80 onw

Karma said:
I don't like the idea of living in a socialist state.

I am sure there are other countries that will want to welcome you with open arms.