Difference between Gordon Brown and Robert Mugabe?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Well at least Mugabe did bother to have an election to see if the public wanted him…
  2. If you wish to change the recognised system write to your MP or start a petiton as there is nothing that can be done to help you on RR. :thumright:
  3. OS, you have really done it now, I agree with dear old finkie on this one (and that is I think a first), many of our prime ministers in the last 100 years have not led their party in a general election before becoming the resident of No 10.

    Now I would suggest the big difference between them is that Gordon for all his failings does not send his thugs round to beat up and maim and kill those who disagree with him
  4. But he lies and cheats and steals more than Mugabe does.
  5. Removing Old Age Pensioners from Political meetings could well be the begining of it tho`. :w00t:
  6. Try suggesting that to the Zimbabwean farming community, who have seen their farms and jobs destroyed by Bob Mug's bully boys
  7. And that's not happening here? Ask the farmers, they will tell you exactly the same thing only it is done in a different manner and without iron bars.
  8. Um Mugabe's black? :afro:
    Serisouly though although he held elections they were always going to be rigged. At least when Gordon does call for an election he won't cheat! :thumright:
  9. Brown's name backwards is NWORB. Mugabe's spells" e ba gum"
    EYUP LAD!!
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  10. Mugabe is a dictator who wants the appearance of Democracy

    Broon is a cnut
  11. So why have you not reported this fact to the police?
  12. You Really are in need of a very good analyst, You are delusional Taxation is now and always has been Legal theft, LIVE WITH IT, When Did Brown LIE? When Did Brown CHEAT?

    I dislike the man and his politics as much as anyone else But to Say he has any of MUGABE'S methods is bordering on INSANITY Keep taking the meds you will get over it. (Do you have the Vote? If so you along with everyone else can use it to make changes, unlike the poor buggers in other parts of the world.

    And just to make it totally clear, UK HAS NEVER VOTED FOR A PRIME MINISTER, just as we do not vote for the MINISTER OF EDUCATION, HEALTH, HOME AFFAIRS, add what ever department you wish. That is done by the Elected MP's. GCSE question on constitutional affairs 2000. And also a question which every one wishing to become a British citizen, has to get correct..
  13. Excellent description of the process Pinch, Broon is still a cnut though. However he does lie, or at the very least bends the truth to breaking point, referendum anyone
  14. Sums up the vast majority of politicians, of every hue and at everything from local to national levels.

    Snag is the politicians always win.
  15. Question
    So How do you kmow when a politition is lying

    His lips are moving
  16. He denied right up to the 28th April that the 10p abolition will have an affect on the lower paid - LIES

    He said that cars before 2001 would not be included in the emissions calculations for road tax, then he did include them and without telling anyone, this was discovered by one of the nationals - LIAR / CHEAT

    He took 5 Billion from the private pensions leaving some, who had paid all their lives, without a pension - Theft

    There's a big string of them, want to see any more?
  17. they hold a referendum when they are sure the outcome will go their way, when they think it will go against them they change the criteria or say there is no need for one. e.g. its not a constitution so we will not hold the promised referendum
  18. I say again theft is a crime so what do you Gordon Brown accusers intend doing about it, either put up or wind your necks in. =)
  19. I never accused him of theft, lying, selling out, and being a stupid cnut yes but never theft.

    his taxation policies are tantamount to legal theft, his financial attacks on motorists again tantamount to legal theft, but theft as defined by the law, no, not yet at any rate.
  20. Just to clear up any confusion.

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