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Difference between Aussies and BLM brigade.


War Hero
Just been doing a little research.
In 1868 the UK stopped the transportation of so called criminals to Australia
In 1865 Slavery was abolished.

Now the Aussies could have started a group TLM (transported Lives matter).
Did they?
Did they feck
Any Aussie who can trace his lineage back to someone who was transported is extremely proud of this fact and lets everyone know.
Do they harp on about something that occurred 150 years ago/

The BLM brigade
Once again slavery was abolished around the same time as transportation.
There are no slaves or slave owners alive in any country of the world.
Instead of celebrating that slavery no longer exists BLM blame ALL white people for slavery and believe that they should be held accountable.
While slavery was a terrible thing it has given the descendants of these slaves opportunities in life they would never of had if slavery had not occurred.
We have fantastic black Doctors, Nurses, University lecturers, Television presenters, Athletes, Musicians, the list just goes on.
Instead of wallowing in self pity it is time for BLM to realise. Black Lives do really Matter. They in many cases have improved the lives of all sections of the community.
However BLM should realise that in every race or culture there are going to be some no good people.
Those that break the law. These are the ones that the police target. To the police Black lives do matter and if they stop and search a black person it is because they believe that their is a reason.
They are stopping people to protect the black community from the black community.
However BLM NEVER ever shout about the times when a Black on Black attack occurs.
Come on BLM time to be more like the Aussies and celebrate your heritage.


War Hero
Jews have been persecuted for centuries....and still are today. Successive Governments have tried and failed to halt the persecution but it still goes on. To me the jewish population in this country just want to live their lives in peace but rarely adopt rent-a-mob to protest against unwarranted harassment .


Book Reviewer
There are Bridges in Dorset that bear signs saying that if you are caught damaging them you could be liable to transportation. Sadly the law itself has been repealed.


War Hero
I would now be residing on the naughty step again. :)

I believe that the BLM have caused more inter-racial disharmony than ever.
I also believe that BLM organisation is racist
On the contrary - I was being serious! I think BLM have done more damage to any black cause than they realise, and all over a very nasty career criminal. Allegedly he didn't die from the knee on the neck, as his hyoid bone was, allegedly again, not broken. Reference is/was a report on the interweb, so must be true.
I'm all for a decent protest, but when that becomes looting high end shops and pulling down statues, then that's not really a peaceful protest, is it?

We have friends who have just moved here from Chicago - they had told us stories (yeh, right!). However, I've been watching some of the videos of stuff coming out of Chicago and onyy wonder why they didn't move years ago!

Chris P

War Hero
What Stirl says Slim, but unfortunately aboriginals here still have a green rub in so many ways, although it is a point that the gov is trying to rectify in some ways, there are many people of aboriginal extraction that you would not recognise as such who are very proud of their heritage, but I think there is a long way to go still for the aboriginal community as a whole.


War Hero
As has been mentioned the Australian Aboriginal certainly has an axe to bear.
Their treatment in the past by successive governments has not been the best.
They do seem to have a better outlook on their plight than BLM though.
No mass rioting or looting here


War Hero
Great Britain has raped and ravaged most of the globe.
Remember the saying that the Sun never sets on the British Empire?
We stole,raped,looted and carried out some unspeakable acts.
However that was a very long time ago.

The question really is did we do any good for these countries or was it all harm?

In my cases when these countries became independent they were left with a system of government which was fair.
The countries had mainly been improved greatly financially
Infrastructure both roads and railways would never have happened without the Empire.
Education and sanitation had been introduced.

Whether these countries kept the system of government was down to them. Many did and have thrived. Others like Zimbabwe returned to tribalism government and have squandered the inheritance they were left with.

So the UK Friend or Fiend?
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