Diesel Weasels

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bigbaddog, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Still wonder why we did it …the conditions were horrendous, not just the smell of diesel that permeated all your clothing but also the mildew on everything after a couple of days….On the Token the vent for the sewage tank was in the corner of the stokers mess…..

    I have done many thing in my lifetime of which I can be proud but there is nothing that I value more than my dolphins………

  2. Bloody excellent site! Took me back to some of the best times and best people I have known. :thumright:
  3. Great site - recommend it to all sundodgers!
  4. Brings back a lot of good memories. Know a lot of the faces in the pics. Will have to dig out my ones, scan them and get them posted somewhere on the net.
  5. do you think that if Mr Putin starts another Cold war they'll re-commish all the SSKs we have as museums and invite us all back to play again?

    Just a thought as we dont have any new ones about.
  6. How about having a "Mercenary" boat? Crewed by some old & crusty
    Nil-Haired, Zero-toothed, Many-bellied ex diesel submariners, we could
    hire ourselves out to Despot regimes (with a shoreline) and get paid
    handomely to sink any twat that they wanted "cleansing". I'm sure
    we could purchase warshots on the internet somewhere, but I think
    we'd have to have someone who could operate the Russian
    version of the TCSS9 (all valves and systems could easily be re-marked
    with Dymo-Tape). Buy a Foxtrot, do it up, crew it up and there you have it:-
    "THE *S* TEAM.
    "Got a problem? Spanish Trawlers thieving all your fish? Boat-loads of
    Albanians/Bulgarians/Kazaksthananians keep creeping up your beaches
    at midnight? Nothing a Mk 23 won't sort out. Give us a ring....."The *S* Team

  7. Guilty of being a skimmer but what a great site. Did the same time at the 1977 jubilee and I was born a stones throw from the author. Great reading. Newbies should be directed to this.

    Re-confirmed why I didn't want to be a smelly bugger!


  8. Can I have a quote please?

    I just need you to sit in the channel for a couple of days, anything with a French flag to the bottom please.
  9. I'm up for it, but we have to do things the old way - I'm a greenie, and don't understand about those long cylindrical things that go bang. I make a great brew (nato standard) though.
  10. Steady sunshine I have lived in France for nearly 6 years. The French are OK I should start looking at some of the muppets that now live in Blighty like them that wear a 'T' towel on their barnet!!
  11. I volunteer for the Afterends....(I'll look after the beer stowage...[​IMG])

    This still makes me laugh... Voila, I've done it again
  12. Go on then bigbad….put me down for donk shop w/keeping…my speciality is speed wankin the mufflers…one in each hand….also a dab hand on the six valve chest and very quick with the cocks and drains.

    If you ask Fred (polycell) nicely I’m sure he will join us ….as he is anglo-french now we could put him in charge of going astern….

  13. Go on then put me down for after planesperson I'm brillant at keeping depth and the trim at 350 feet when the order is PD and keeping the 'bubble in the wood' Sorry thats probably lost to a Bomber queen or a Nukie Pooh!!
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is the Canadian O Boat still up for sale? There was talk of forming a buying group for that for various "interesting" jobs/
  15. Rumour has it a group in Quebec (***cough***, ***gag***, ***spew***)want to purchase the O'kanagan and set it up as a touristy thingy... :threaten:

    Maybe it's for when they separate from Canada, they will have a Navy...Lol hahahaha jokes on them the O'Kanagan was the show boat.... :dwarf:
  16. the ocelot is still in dry dock in chatham where she was built it's still in one piece all it needs is it's screw back and new batteries, and i'll be the spud peeler in the fore-ends, and can we have our tot back
  17. I can work the one man band, CEP and Casing Party and I rarely get caught cheating at Uckers.
  18. Count me in if we can have Mk 8s as well as the 23s. Its nice to have a fish that really works.

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