Diesel, helmets and old ladies!

Yesterday morning i thought I was stopping to assist a fellow rider and ended up calming down some old biddy!!

Some diesel had been spilt on a roundabout and a Gixer rider had come off his bike. As I arrived he was picking himself up and collecting his helmet from the middle of the road. I stopped, checked with him that he was uninjured and bike was ok.

I'm fine he said but that driver is screaming!!! Grey haired elderly lady sat screaming in her car! All I could get out of her was "I thought his head had come off" repeatedly. Referring of course to the riders helmet which had detached from the riders head and did it's own thing in the road. Took me a good 10 minutes to settle her down. In the end I left her to some more sympathetic folk who seemed to pacify her much more than I could.

Now I ALWAYS fasten my helmet strap, I assumed everyone did, is this not the case?

I had just finished a long night shift and all that was on my mind was sleeeeep, lots of sleep!!!!
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I thought it was law,so you just have to wear a helmet on a motorbike,you don't have to even wear gloves do you or a bike jacket,I seem to remember when I did my bike test the instructor said that the examiner would fail you for not wearing gloves,I don't see why he could fail you though?
Witsend, it was seeing my mates leg after a 20mph slide that had me buying a full set of armoured jacket and trousers the next day. I was amazed at how much skin you could lose and my mate was in so much pain. After the event he said it would have taken less time to heal if he had broken his leg. It was a mess. 20 miles an hour - not a lot at all.

Regards Thursday mornings incident, the rider was wearing his helmet - it came off when he was sliding, he did have a jacket on and riding boots but only jeans! Seeing him walking around I assume they were the armoured variety. 'Hood' or 'Draggin', they would have saved him from gravel rash!!!!

Usual suspects for the diesel on the road - local bus company! They overfill all the time!
I was pretty much the same Waspie. A slow speed slide where my forearm and hip made sweet love to the tarmac. I can confirm that it's painful, takes ages to heal and leaves you with a nice pattern on the skin.
As a Glaswegian I hope it was Paisley design.

When I bought my first bike I came home from school to find my dad putting studs in my biker jacket and trolleys.
I thought he had either gone off his head, was being sarcastic or was drunk.
As he was none of above, I asked the obvious "why" and was advised it might well keep skin on me whilst doing the tarmac tango. He was right of course, and when I had an altercation with a cobbled road I found out just how much.
He was a dispatch rider was dad in the Royal Signals so I should have known he was clued up on the two wheeled furies.


War Hero
For a moment the thread title took me back to the newly acquired video library in the Stokers Mess, HMS Southampton in 1983. I thought I'd got over the flashbacks.
Organising a "Live free-Ride stark bollock naked" event for Sunday afternoon.
Everyone's welcome. Starting off from the car park outside "Buyology" in
Plympton and finishing up on The Barbican, opposite Cap'n Jaspers for a
chat and a nice cup of tea. If it's cold or wet or a bit windy - scrub round it
stay home and watch "The Antiques Roadshow" instead.


p.s. whaddya think of my new hog?

Pretty sure it is a legal requirement to have your helmet properly fastened. I recall once being half way along the A38 when I realised that mine wasn't though. Fortunately as it was a quick release type I was able to click it up withouit stopping.
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