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Diesel electric trains.


War Hero
I've searched everywhere but it appears we haven't got a thread dedicated to diesel electric locomotives.


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JonnoJonno said:
I think it's German. This is a nut off one:

It's a locking one

You must be mistaken, Deutsche Bahn exclusively use nylocs in their maintenance and have done since 1992.


It's not the nyloc that is the problem, that nut has a right handed thread and they have been using left handed since 1963.


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Super Moderator
Not quite a locomotive but this diesel/electric beast is for sale. One careful owner.

Please forgive the blatant Thread drift but I nearly saw something unforgettable yesterday.

Yesterday, while walking under Bath Spa station towards Widcombe, I glanced up at the platform and saw shiny chocolate and cream coaches. "Steam special" I thought, so nipped up to the car park for a look. There in the sunlight, all green, black and sparkling brass was 6024, gently breathing wisps of steam and smoke into the damp air of the Up platform. On the the Down platform and in the adjacent car park were hordes of enthusiasts and other assorted goofers; many with very expensive cameras and video gear. There was a ripple of excitement as King Eddie was given starters orders. Then, just as one of the footplate men (4 of them) sounded Eddie's whistle, it happened. A Down 1st GW train drew in to occupy the entire platform and a bit more; so nobody could see a bloody thing! What timing! Still, the sound and sight of smoke and steam from an invisible engine blasting into the sky was very emotive.


Lantern Swinger
Gentlemen we are talking about train spotting here , you know Norman Potter anoraks and the like, bandages on one arm of the glasses. I mean train spotting (not the movie) is well errr one those hobbies people belittle but not me you understand. :dontknow: :evil1: :wink:


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Passed-over_Loggie said:
We haven't a Thread (not even a left hand one) dedicated to


OK I will bite.I think you'll find that the diesel locomotive shown is in fact a Diesel Hydraulic and not Diesel Electric.
Takes off Anorak,folds neatly,puts back in drawer.


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Rumrat said:
Passed-over_Loggie said:
fishhead. That's why I said we hadn't a thread on those either. Good enough for 'lectrics, good enough for 'draulics. :D

Well in that case:-

Why is the round shouldered gimp having his height measured?
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