Diesel Boat

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by janner, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. Great link Janner.

    Now know why i never went for SM :lol:
  3. Washin Machine ?????....feckin snappers...

  4. From the words:

    ....the washing machining was removed from many of the boats after WW II because there was rarely enough water for its use.

    Happier now UA? :roll:

    Great Phots by the way, almost smell the diesel & bodies.

    Cheers Janner.
  5. Only the Yanks would have a specific "ice cream freezer" on an old diesel boat.
  6. Seems quite spacious TBH and I am a flunob. More room than an O boat.
  7. Urinal with taps - novel!!
  8. Too clean, carnt be real :?
  9. Ahh, the voice of a true flunob!
  10. The two diesel boats I served on had the plumbing for washing machines,fitted for but not with!
  11. Impressive set of snaps. Is cool how you can get the 360 degree view on them too.

    How do the newer boats of today compare to these?
  12. Answer my question and I will, till then, you're stuck with me babycakes
  13. Ah, good point.

    Well, space wise for a start I suppose would be the main basis of my intrigue. Showers and lavvys and that too, are the newer boats better equipped, more shitters and the such. The only pictures I've seen from a newer class of boat are from January's Navy News where they showed a few of HMS Astute.

    This is going to sound like a completely bone question too but one I really want to know. When I was on my RNAC I was told by one of the guys running the course that it's possible to take a guitar away with you. Is this so?
  15. I'll stick around cheers, but only for the support and kind words of those around me.

    Night night hunnybun
  16. Because its a Yank !!
  17. Now what is it thats 'Far to easy' pray tell!
    Have you ever been on a diesel boat?
  18. Thats so you can clean your parts after a run ashore. :lol:
  19. OK then have you ever served on a British diesel submarine?

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