Diesel Boat Reunion - Plymouth

electric_chef said:
Old_Bill said:
If "A" boats were gay boats, and "O" boats were show boats, what were "T" and Porpoise boats? Answers on a postcard please

my last boat(1974) was Grampus and it was a piece of sh1te, always something wrong with it, ballast pump stripdown and rebuild at sea, port main motor winding insulation, stripped and reinsulated and varnished,also at sea.

At the time I just couldn't understand why it wasn't dragged back to Dolphin and repaired in the dockyard! we were not at war with anyone at the time nor likely to, with that pile of scrap. I think someone just wanted to be a hero at the time.

so my answer for P class is POS

I remember thos happy days, there was no money for proper dockyard repairs, thatt's why you fixwd them yourself. About the same time I was in an SM3 O Boat and we replaced both tailshaft bearings ourselves to save money. The job done in the floating dock with 2 bl**dy big corks to put in the holes if a bomber came in and wanted the dock. We spent 4 months unfit to dive whilst they scraped up enough cash to buy the new bearings.


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A reminder for your Diaries : The 6th. Re - Union of
the SECOND SUBMARINE SQUADRON (1909 - 2002) Will take
place at The Weston Mill, Oak Villa, Sports & Social
Club , Ferndale Road, Camel's Head, Plymouth , PL2
2EL. On SATURDAY 03 MARCH 2007 commencing @ 1200 until
LATER. All Submariners who have had any connection
with Submarines at Devonport ARE MOST WELCOME TO
ATTEND. Further details can be obtained from 1. Alan
Jones 01752-201583. 2.Nick Addison 01579-346320.
3.Grant Fox : Work 01752-55572 or : Home 01752-784930.

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