Diesel Boat Reunion - Plymouth


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Can anyone tell me when the Diesel Boat Reunion is in Plymouth this year?
(Normally sometime in August). Unfortunately, I've lost the dit that was sent to me.
Nigaramus said:
Can anyone tell me when the Diesel Boat Reunion is in Plymouth this year?
(Normally sometime in August). Unfortunately, I've lost the dit that was sent to me.


from Janner: Its being held at the DE boat reunion on the 5th August in Guzz



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Some of the Dorset SA lads were thinking of going, but we aren't so sure, we hear that they drink to excess over a long period. Come to think of it the main problem is convincing someone to drive us there and back :lol:

Can however finds the details IE who to pay post on this thread please


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Yer Tis!


Did you served in Royal Navy diesel powered submarines between 1960 and 1995?


In that case have you been to the annual Diesel Boat Reunion DTS in Plymouth yet?

Unlike many other reunions, this reunion is very informal. It takes the form of a DTS (dinner time session) held on the first Saturday in August every year. The rig is casual, the company is friendly and you are bound to meet some old oppo's from the boats you served on. Oh, and the beer is very reasonably priced as well. What could be better.

These reunions were started fifteen years ago by Ken 'Slinger' Woods after a memorable leaving run for Paul 'Topsy' Turner who was off to Canada to join the Canadian Submarine Service. Apparently 'Topsy' said "Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet up again once a year at the same time and place?" and Ken said "No problem" and every year since he has organised these reunions of ex 'P'& 'O' and Type 2400 Upholder class diesel boat submariners entirely on his own and a sterling job he does too.

These reunions are held at the 'Weston Mill Oak Villa Social Club' near the Camels Head fire station not far from the Dockyard and Drake Barracks. The session starts at 1115 on the Saturday and goes on till 2359 (social 'lightweights' can bale out earlier!). Why not give it a try next year in fact why not make a weekend of it in Guzz with the reunion as the highlight? You'll be glad you did.

If you are interested in coming along please contact Slinger before hand so he can add your details to his database and so he knows who will be coming. There is a small charge each year to cover admin of £1 (yes only one pound!). Also there is a buffet laid on during the afternoon at £4 per head (but only if booked in advance) so get in touch with Slinger in plenty of time. Slinger's contact details are as follows:-

Ken Woods

8 Greenwood Park Road





Phone - 01752 341685

Or E-mail him at [email protected]
You Lucky Buggers!!
Us Ex Bomber Queens dont have any sort of Reunion at all !!

Anyone out there fancy throwing a few ideas around about one??


Old_Bill said:
If "A" boats were gay boats, and "O" boats were show boats, what were "T" and Porpoise boats? Answers on a postcard please

my last boat(1974) was Grampus and it was a piece of sh1te, always something wrong with it, ballast pump stripdown and rebuild at sea, port main motor winding insulation, stripped and reinsulated and varnished,also at sea.

At the time I just couldn't understand why it wasn't dragged back to Dolphin and repaired in the dockyard! we were not at war with anyone at the time nor likely to, with that pile of scrap. I think someone just wanted to be a hero at the time.

so my answer for P class is POS