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I have just been informed that the details of this years Diesel Boat Reunion will be circulated in March. I will put them on this thread as soon as I get the details. I understand that there will be some small changes.

This is an early heads up so that WreckerL can get a late night pass if it is decided to have an RR meet in the evening.

Mods could you make it a sticky please, the other years events could be removed from the sticky list now, thanks


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7[SUP]th[/SUP] April 2012
This is my first letter to you, having taken over the reins from Ken Woods who made the reunion such an outstanding success over the last 21 years. Well done Ken for all those years of hard work and you can now have a well deserved make and mend.
It is confirmed that the next Diesel Boat Reunion will be held as usual at the Weston Mill Oakvilla Social Club, Ferndale Road on Saturday 4[SUP]th[/SUP] August 2012, this despite the annoying side show and inconsideration of the Olympic Games.
Food is available at £5.00 per head and if you please make a cheque out to Mr MW PITKEATHLY and post to the above address, I will action it for you. I would ask that if you want food, that you do not leave it till the last moment to get your cheques in as I will NOT accept any cheques after the 27[SUP]th[/SUP] July.
Please do not arrive before 1130
1130 Start CHECK IN
1130 Bar Open
1400 Welcome Speech.
1415 Buffet available.

1900 Lounge Bar closed.

1900 - 2359 Main Bar and Entertainment Lounge.

In consultation with Ken, it was thought that I should receive some remuneration for my time and effort that I have had to invest in steering the Diesel Boat Reunion along as it does not run by itself. Therefore you will be invited to part with a small fee at the entrance door for which I make no apology.

Having given this some thought, I would encourage those still not on email to foster mates that are, so that we can gradually cut down on snail mail especially at the outrageous price that they have just announced for postage.
Concerning the email system, please do not forward funnies, round robins or support this or that campaign, E-petitions. I just delete them without reading and will certainly not forward them on to others.
You will be very pleased to hear that at the last Diesel Boat Reunion we managed to raise £635.94p and received a nice thank you letter from Vice Admiral Tim McClement. So thank you very much for your very generous support. I will be staggering around with a bucket again for the Alliance Appeal in Augustwhich I am sure you will agree is a very worthy cause.
I look forward to meeting many of you again on the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] August 2012.
Yours Aye
MW Pitkeathly / Pitt.k (former naval person)
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