Diesel Boat Reunion 2014


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The next Diesel Boat Reunion will be held at the normal venue on the normal date as per usual. Basically, at the Oakvilla Social Club, Weston Mill ( PL2 2EL ) which is behind Camel Head Fire Station on Saturday 2nd August starting at about 1200 ish.

Anyone requiring the buffet, it will be, as usual £5.00 to be with me by the 28th of July at the very latest please. If you could send a cheque for the £5.00 to Mr MW PITKEATHLY, The Courageous Exhibit Office, N193, HM Naval Base, Devonport Dockyard, PLYMOUTH,PL2 2BG. Unfortunately, this will be non refundable. Some of you have gone really modern and no longer have a cheque book, this is now not a problem, so if you could email me first, I will give you the bank details.

Can you please get the word around to the very few that are not on email and maybe interested in coming along to the DBR please.

At the last reunion in 2013, I asked for a volunteer to take over in case I ended up having a stroke/heart attack/dead etc. I am very pleased that Pat Langdon(Fireman Pat) from Exeter has taken up the mantle. We have set up a joint bank account with the Natwest that we can both access, which we feel is ideal and he has access to the [email protected]k email account should I be indisposed or even dead.

Just prior to the last reunion I asked for ex pusser S/M items, so that it could be utilised on HMS Courageous. I would like to thank Pincher Martin for a green sleeping bag and Rodney Hodge for a Pusser's case full of old kit and bits, much appreciated from both of you thanks.

A message from Ken Woods. If you are in Plymouth for a long weekend, the Plymouth Hoe Club, 1 Osbourne Place, Lockyer Street tel no: 01752 311512 welcomes all submariners. If you are staying locally for the weekend it's a popular watering hole for shipmates and a place to meet up before the big day!

I trust that you are all well and look forward to seeing you at the 2014 DBR

Kind regards

Pat Langdon and Pitt.k (former naval person)
I've alsways meant to ask, but as my father is Ex-Alliance and was involved in the unfortunate 1971 incident as a casualty, I know that he would be welcome at these sort of events. However, short of actually kidnapping him and dragging him to Guzz, are there any plans to use the Submarine museum at any point? He's local to Portsmouth and that trip is more managable for him due to his injuries (affecting him even now), but I know he would definitely love to see shipmates once again.


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WLS anything up to 300 will be there, there are always a few from the Pompey and Gosport Branchs. Most go down and stay overnight or make a weekend of it. Have a look on the National Submariners Association site that will give you the nearest branch and a contact point. Its a cracking piss up; What branch was Dad in. There are certainly still a few of us A Boat people about and most probably some Alliance people.
I think he was a Leading Sonar rate and definitely was on Alliance, getting his discharge sheet from him has been problematic. He has mentioned being on P and O boats as well. I did meet a couple of his old shipmates on Alliance before the refit but I think it holds too many uncomfortable memories for him now - seeing shipmates would be much better for him. He was actually known as Jan, despite not being from Guzz, due to a song being played at the time and the nickname getting stuck.


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WLS I have PM'd you an email that I received today re an Alliance re union. Let me know if there are any problems with the content.
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