Diesel Boat Reunion 2008


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I hope to be there this year as I missed last year, It is always good to have a few wets and a yarn about the good old days so all things being equal I shall see you all down there :thumright:


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nonewtrafficthisroutine said:
only just joined the site, but Im very interested in attending the reunion
what happens now etc

Print and fill out the form at the start of this thread then send it to the address given with a cheque for the appropriate amount


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Last time I went, I got drunk, and Mrs NoMates had to get me
out of the gutter with a dustpan and brush. Argued all the way
home, fell out of motor and went to bed effin' an' blindin' like
a good 'un. Was not talked to for about three days.

Going again this year.

If that's alright with you dear...........?


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Sorry about the delay in answering gunlayer, at the Andrew reunion weekend in Pompey. I was on the Acheron and Andrew for the whole of the last commission from refit in 1970 to decommission in 1975.


hi blue tot was tanky on andrew for a while then joined aeneas as gunlayer when she paid off helped train up your gun crew small world innit :rambo: