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Diesel Boat Reunion 2008

Greetings to all you Submariners from Malta. Just done the round the harbour trip. Even a Pussers skimmer visiting to wave at. Weather cloudy and cold today.

Anyway in my e-mails is the notice of this years Diesel Boat Reunion so as follows for our info.

18th Annual Reunion on Saturday 2nd August 2008.


Park Road
Tel: 01752 341685 Chaddlewood
[email protected] Plymouth
March 2008

In Memoriam 2007

Noel Bosson; Biff Byrth; Tug Willson; Don ‘buckwheat’ Harris; Eddie Whelan


18th Annual Reunion

We had another fantastic turn out last year, one of the best for a few years and I thought the atmosphere was the best ever. Quite a few attended for the first time so it was good to see so many enjoying the day and meeting up with old friends. Thank you for all the positive feedback and kind comments; it looks like I’ll have to carry on for a couple more years!

Last year 443 were notified, on the day 207 checked in, 26 informed me they would be attending but unfortunately couldn’t make it, 9 of those paid for food and I received 84 apologies. That adds up to an active database for 2008 of 317 quite an improvement on last year. I’m pleased to report 14 new members have been added, so thank you for all the networking many of you are doing. I do appreciate all the travelling you do to attend, especially the guys from overseas, Canada, Japan, Australia, Spain not forgetting Scotland and Ireland. It’s a testament to the special bond diesel submariners have which makes the DTS so special.

I’m sorry to report that once again a large number of people (126) didn’t bother to reply to my letter or email. They have now been deleted from the database. I can’t be bothered if their not bothered. On a more positive note, we have over 300 active members which stand well for 2011 our 21st DTS.

Once again the girls on the reception did a great job but informed me that a few members unfortunately walked straight past them without registering their attendance. Why do they do it when last year it was free to get in! So please when entering the venue ‘check in’ then you can be sure you’ll be kept on the database. Just to remind you, I won’t accept any food order unless you have paid up front. I also noticed a few people taking food without paying for it! Do I need to say anything more?

Terry Humphreys did a fantastic job with the ‘small change bucket’, added with the money from tips over the bar we raised £919 for the staff. I hope you enjoyed the staff in the Cowboy and Indian outfits; next year I think it may be a Hawaiian theme. I’ll look forward to that! It’s great that the staff enjoy serving us as much as we enjoy being in the Club. They always give us such good service it’s a pleasure to hold our reunion in such a great friendly establishment. The staff asked me to say a big ‘thank you' for your tips, they were overwhelmed once again by your generosity. For all these reasons, the 18th Annual ‘DTS’ will once again be held at the

W.M.O.V. Social Club, Ferndale Rd, Plymouth (Nr Camels Head Fire Station) on Saturday 2nd August, starting at 1115 to 2359.

My thanks go to the Canada boys led by Wynn Jones for presenting a plaque to the Club. I have asked Tracey if she would agree to give us a wall just for submariners and hoof the skimmers to another position. She said she’ll look into it for us.

After a two year period of free entrance the fund is drying up a bit so it’ll be necessary to recommence with the £1 levy to cover costs (see financial statement). A buffet lunch will be available on request at a cost of £4 per head, booked and paid for in advance. For those who require food + levy, please forward a cheque for the sum of £5.00 made payable to K. J. Woods.

Please continue to contact me if you know of any ex-Diesel Boat Submariners who are unaware of our reunion but would like to attend, contact me with his name and address and I will ensure he receives a letter. Finally I look forward to hearing from you all again. If this is the first time you have received a newsletter, “WELCOME†to our Reunion.

This is one for the Submarine Association but I don’t mind doing a bit of advertising for one of our own Jan Trenoweth.

“Are there any ex or serving submariners who would be interested in meeting once a month for a chat and a drink in mid-Cornwall? It will be a chance to keep in touch and have a laugh with others who have served in and are proud to be submarinersâ€. The idea is to re-establish a Cornish branch of the SA. I already know of a few who are interested but the more the merrier!! You’re welcome to contact me by:-
email: [email protected] or by phone 01209 219314

Please do not arrive before 1115

1115 Start CHECK IN
1130 Bar Open
1400 Welcome Speech.
1415 Buffet available.
1900 Lounge Bar closed.
1900 - 2359 Main Bar and Entertainment Lounge.

Yours aye
Ken ‘slinger’ Woods



CREDIT BALANCE C/FWD 01/03/2008 162.21

TOTAL 208.21


RECEPTION + FOOD (Claire & Sarah) 58.00

TOTAL 156.32

CREDIT 2008 208.21
DEBIT 2007 156.32

CREDIT TOTAL 01/03/08 51.89

I..............................................................will / will not be attending the 18th Annual Reunion on Saturday 2nd August 2008.

Please circle:
I will require food and enclose a cheque to the value of £5.00
I will not require food

My address ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Post Code…………………..


Luv and Hugs Nutty


War Hero
witsend said:
Nicks said:
I wish Bomber Crews had something like this.

hmmmmmm,,,,,you could call it "The Bombers Ball" where you all dress up as queens.


Witsend please!! A warning next time - my screen and keyboard are now covered in tea and McVitie digestives (chocolate flavour)!!



Quite right Rod! I've served in nucs as well as diesels and the bond between diesel weasels is much stronger.


Lantern Swinger
Hope to be there for the first time, although I attend the Andrew reunion annually I have not made it to the DBDTS, spent most of my time in SM2 in A boats before the nukes arrived.


Lantern Swinger
I hope to be there this year as I missed last year, It is always good to have a few wets and a yarn about the good old days so all things being equal I shall see you all down there :thumright:


Book Reviewer
nonewtrafficthisroutine said:
only just joined the site, but Im very interested in attending the reunion
what happens now etc

Print and fill out the form at the start of this thread then send it to the address given with a cheque for the appropriate amount


War Hero
Last time I went, I got drunk, and Mrs NoMates had to get me
out of the gutter with a dustpan and brush. Argued all the way
home, fell out of motor and went to bed effin' an' blindin' like
a good 'un. Was not talked to for about three days.

Going again this year.

If that's alright with you dear...........?
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