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Any RR's going to this years do?

For all these reasons, the 19th Annual ‘DTS’ will once again be held at the W.M.O.V. Social Club, Ferndale Rd, Plymouth (Nr Camels Head Fire Station) on Saturday Ist August, starting at 1115 to 2359.

After a two year period of free entrance the fund is drying up a bit so it’ll be necessary to recommence with the £1 levy to cover costs (see financial statement). A buffet lunch will be available on request at a cost of £4 per head, booked and paid for in advance.

If you want further details PM me with your email address
My housemate does not have the internet so cannot comment here, he is definitely going though mate! got to look after the dog and I dont like to lol
I'll be going but can't stay long due to wife's commitments, which is somewhat frustrating (it's the same day as the midnight walk so I've got to look after the kids). :roll:
janner said:
Hope to see you there Polto, I'll be the tall, slim, curly headed one, with the fat twat Nutty in tow :wink:
Good piccies mate. I was lurking around - chatted to a few peeps but had to lleave early before the grub came out. Good to see the staff partaking of the frolics as per usual.

I was sat next to one bloke having a chat when his phone went. It was his daughter about at home (nowhere near Guzz) saying her car had broken down! "Love - I'm in Plymouth". "But It won't start". "I'm in Plymouth - are with the AA?" :lol:


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I was undecided between the Schoolgirl and the younger squaw, until later in the afternoon whilst admiring her (the squaw) tattoos I asked her if she more that weren't visible and was shown the one high on the inner thigh. After looking at it for 5 minutes I had to get her to cover it as some at the table were having breathing difficulties.

Cracking DTS and for those qualified I recommend attendance next year. I spent most of the time with 5 lads that I had come back in the Amphion from Singers in 1968, I couldn't get over how old they had become. :wink:
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