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Diesel Boat Re union - 2011


Book Reviewer
If anyone want Kens details please SM me and I will provide contact points


21st Annual Reunion

The 2011 Newsletter is early this year to give you plenty of time to plan ahead and book accommodation as it promises to be a high attendance. Please read the IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the letter.

Well you did it again, you smashed the record as 241 signed in; it could’ve been a few more as some arrived late without signing in and some were accessing through the wrong door? Entrance was free this year so there was no reason not to enter through the reception area.

It never ceases to amaze me, as the years go by we are supposed to be dropping in numbers but the fantastic effort you make to attend is just incredible. I want to thank you for spreading the buzz especially the SA members who are placing our gathering in their respective newsletters, this all adds up to increasing numbers which makes the DTS such a success. The increase is very much welcomed but more importantly it means after many years friends are meeting up again.

Last year 418 were notified, on the day 241 checked in, 18 informed me they would be attending but unfortunately couldn’t make it, 7 of those paid for food and I received 68 apologies. That adds up to an active database for 2011 of 330. For this year only I haven’t made any deletions and kept 132 members for a further year which means the total database now holds 462 members. There’s still quite a few who still don’t bother to answer my communication but still turn up on the day, although this is slowly being eradicated.

Just before the reunion last year I received an email from Ken Walby informing me that Dave Thomas ex TI Opportune and others are coming over from Australia this year and hope to meet up with as many old friends as possible. I did mention it in my dit last year so if you want to meet up with Dave and others get yourself down to Guz this year. Also I know the guys from Canada are coming over again which is also great news, I know we all appreciate the great distance members’ travel to join us.

My plan to book the New China Garden on the evening of the reunion in 2011 with partners has now had to be cancelled due to the closure of the restaurant. It’s a shame as the restaurant has been one of my favourites in Plymouth for many years; I knew the staff very well and they have always provided a great night for a large group of people.

As this year marks a milestone please find attached a poster from Stan Bowles who has taken the trouble to organise the production of a commemorative mug celebrating 21 years of the reunion for a small cost of £7.00, £2.00 of which will be donated to a charity of my choice. You can also add a personal photo to the design but must forward your JPeg to Stan. The purchasing options are as follows:

(a) You can purchase directly from Stan via email: [email protected] the cost will be £7.00 + £2.50 P&P.
(b) Alternatively you can place an order with me and collect at the reunion for the cost of £7.00 but I must receive payment by cheque no later than the 30th June. I must state that if you do not turn up on the day to collect I’m afraid it will not be posted on to you.
(c) If you want to include payment with your buffet lunch then you can forward a cheque for £12 (£7.00 + £5.00 Buffet) then I will place an order for you but only if you want to collect your mug on the day.

Also to commemorate our special day David Donnelly is also planning to organise a photographer to mark the occasion.

Two bucket collections were on the go last year £430 was raised for the Alliance Appeal and the Club staff I am told received £30 each in tips. I received a letter from the Submarine Museum thanking us for our donation which will be placed on the notice board at the reunion. Last year shortly before the reunion I was asked to send you all a flyer asking you if you would like to continue to donate. This flyer was sent via email a week later; I didn’t send a flyer by post due to the amount of photocopying and postage that would be required

The staff again were brilliant, over the years it’s become tradition for them to dress up for us and I know we all appreciate the immense service they give! It’s great that the staff enjoy serving us as much as we enjoy being in the Club, it’s always a pleasure to hold our reunion in such a great friendly establishment. The staff once again asked me to say a big ‘thank you' for your tips, the generosity you show every year is amazing. For all these reasons, the 21st Annual ‘DTS’ will once again be held at the W.M.O.V. Social Club, Ferndale Rd, Plymouth (Nr Camels Head Fire Station) on Saturday 6th August, starting at 1130 to 2359.
tick you off.oor person is not there, make contact with me. next day, people were not ticked off who new were the
Due the large amount of credit £250.09 I have decided once again to waive the entrance fee. I try to maintain the reunion as a non profit event and found this the easiest way to return your fees. The buffet lunch has now been increased at a cost of £5 per head, booked and paid for in advance. I believe the price of the buffet is still good value for money when you realise you can only buy a sandwich from M&S for not much less! Those who require food please forward a cheque for the sum of £5.00 made payable to K. J. Woods.

Finally I look forward to hearing from you if this is the first time you’ve received a newsletter, “WELCOME” to our reunion.


Please do not arrive before 1130

1130 Start CHECK IN
1130 Bar Open
1400 Welcome Speech.
1415 Buffet available.
1900 Lounge Bar closed.
1900 - 2359 Main Bar and Entertainment Lounge.

Yours aye
Ken ‘slinger’ Woods


I..............................................................will / will not be attending the 21st Annual Reunion on Saturday 6th August 2011.

Please circle:
I only require food and enclose a cheque to the value of £5.00
I want to purchase a commemorative mug + food & enclose a cheque for £12
I do not want food but would like to purchase a mug & enclose a cheque for £7.00 only
My address
Post Code

It is with much regret and a heavy heart that after 21 years as co-founder and organiser of our informal Annual Reunion (DTS) I have decided to step down. Celebrating the 21st Anniverary will be my last as organiser of the DTS. I have reached retirement age and my wife Carol is retiring with me in 2012, as we have plans to travel, it would make it impossible to give the DTS my full attention as the planning of the DTS takes up a lot of our time.

Lastly can I say thank you for all the support you have given to this fantastic gathering of Diesel Boat Men for the past 21 years. I have enjoyed my time and I’m confident that the DTS will continue well into the future with a similar criteria I have set. One member has come forward and volunteered to take over the reins but to date has not yet confirmed his intension of taking over the responsibility. I can assure you once I receive confirmation the DTS will be kept in safe hands.
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