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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. ok to start. hi
    been away on hols and have back to find us all scrapping over the hostages from - hms cornwall!!!!!!

    i was sat on the beach today at 1100 and read in the daily express`quotes from both ARRSE and RR on the conduct of our guys- now is a time for solidarity not to rip other apart ---- look at simon weston ; andy mcnabe, chris ryan - they all sold their stories - why ??
    They are getting their point over - maybe i am wrong, and no disrespect meant to families of the lost ones, but only 15 brits plus their captors know what went on............................let us here their story................
  2. I absolutely could not disagree with you any more than I do right now on this BH.
    Sorry mate, but I think you're wrong. They are serving members of the Armed Forces and should in NO WAY "sell" any sort of story in my opinion.
    Those people you mentioned had already left the service before becoming authors.
    They are a disgrace as far as i'm concerned. (Those that have accepted money for a tacky "exclusive", not the others)
  3. Lamri I am in total agreement with you. They have sold out big time.She is a disgrace to the Royal Navy.What about the hundreds of other families that have lost loved ones. She should enjoy her 15 mins of fame while she can .
  4. It is what they on the dotted line for, to serve queen and country. They got back home in one piece, that should be reward enough.
  5. Yes 'Special Circumstances' indeed this time around, one of them had a front bum :lol: :oops: !!
  6. And a face like the number 12 bus from Peckham to the Elephant. Kinell, squell piggy wiggy squeel.

  7. Sorry Brazen hun, but I am too in the majority with this one. I especially find it a little disturbing given that we have lost 6 lives in the last few weeks in the conflict. 2 of them women. Faye Turney has her life and her family around her now. I saw snippets of her interview this morning. She says she is more determined now to continue serving? I can't see how she can now when her credability has gone out the window.
  8. If she got £100,000 for her story the newspapers were robbed. Hardly the thing that heroes or heroines are made of. She would have been better keeping silent, still hope she uses the money wisely.
    As for the young sailor crying himself to sleep, why was that? Could it be that he had lost his life supporting IPOD.
    I'm sorry but in giving interviews which show the RN in this light these two have lost the sympathy of many former supporters including this one.
  9. Sorry BH got to disagree also,

    I don't think you can truly put Simon Weston, Andy MacNab or Chris Ryan in the same sentence as the Cornwall 15.
    For one thing, we were at war when Simon Weston was badly injured, and we were still so in GW1 when Andy McNab & Chris Ryan were involved - we aren't (legally at least - not that this means much to this government) in a war with Iran.

    There may be more to this than has so far been revealed, but the point is that it seems to 'tell my story' for big bucks that a couple of them have made with some haste.

    Even Max the PR Guru from Millbank Tower has backed off stating that it was wrong - and if he thinks that, then it must surely be, because he is good at finding the money for storytelling !


    ps Hope you enjoyed your hols - Spain in the rain was it ??
  10. Big diffference BH all of those people above had left the service before they decided to go public in which every way was seen fit!

    Furthermore and I really hate to say this..but the MOD and government are so heavily involved with the spinning and preverbial propaganda machine with this incident that Im not sure I believe anything that comes out of the motuhs of the 15 or the Iranians!!!
  11. Have to agree with everyone here. BH you are wrong I am afraid. The Navy has made a huge mistake allowing these people to prostitute themselves to the media as evidenced by their realisation yesterday and subsequent banning of further sell outs.

    The whole episode from start to finish was appalling and has raised some serious questions about the obvious air of complacency across the board and lack of appropriate training supplied (CAC/RtoI training?).

    I do not want to hear about one of these individuals fears when in solitary confinement, particularly as nothing physically happened to them. Not inspiring at all - embarrassing is closer to the mark.

  12. I'm glad they're all home,
    I would urge anyone out there, not to slag off the 15, unless they have experienced the same circumstances.
    The people at fault here are the MOD and the media. Of course the public want to know the truth, after a official debrief an official statement of events should have been made to the media by a senior representative and left at that.
    A six figure sum is tempting to anyone who earns our sort of money, but I wouldn't let that shed a grey light over the way that they acted accordingly.
    Before anyone makes anymore comments about the actions of the 15, questions need to be made about the operation as a whole!

    I'm neutral on this one!
  13. Personally, I believe that they shouldn't have sold their story.

    Or, if they want to sell it then they should leave the service.

    However, they aren't media experts and have probably been badly advised by people who should know better.

    The whole thing leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth, especially when placed in context alongside recent Army losses.

    I hope that the general public can see the difference between the actions of these two misguided individuals and the Naval service as a whole.

    That's my bit said on this whole sorry subject anyway.
  14. going to sound like im back tracking, i dont think they should have sold the stories, but i do think they had a right to tell it - does that make sense?? i know what i mean -- just having snags putting it into words.......................
    and i agree they should now leave as credibility will be tarnished...........
  15. Brazen, maybe what you mean is what somone else (can't remember who) said on another thread- that the best course of action would have been for the MOD to allow a statement expressing all that the 15 wished under close guidance of MOD officials. That's certainly what I would have liked. I'm not going to go into what I think about it all, I'm in no place to pass judgement.

    However, I do agree that whether we liked it or not, we should be showing solidarity. After all, if no-one had raised an eyebrow, there would be no issue. It's what we're making of it.
  16. Everybody has an opinion on this issue.
    As for Solidarity, I think they both sold themselves to the devil. Let them buy themselves back if they can. As far as i'm concerned, they are a disgrace to the RN for what they've done. Soldiers are dying. Remember that little fact.
  17. We know soldiers are dying and Christ, it's awful! We all have opinions on whether they should be there or not! That's another issue altogether.

    My concern isn't whether it's right or wrong or if we agree or not. We've got to remember that our forces are still in the spotlight of the world and I for one am not going to undermine any efforts of any of our people by continually impressing disgust upon a few.
  18. Think you're getting yourself all confused here, its NOT another issue that soldiers are dying, its part of the reason that both the public and lots of serving members of the armed forces are very angry about what those two did.

    "My concern isn't whether it's right or wrong or if we agree or not. We've got to remember that our forces are still in the spotlight of the world and I for one am not going to undermine any efforts of any of our people by continually impressing disgust upon a few. "

    Good, i'm glad for you.
    However, if you were serving then maybe you would feel very different about the whole debacle. They obviously haven't had very good advice, people might argue. But surely they had the same advice as the others?
  19. No, I meant it was another issue that they are fighting a war that people disagree with, not that they are dying! My point is it doesn't matter if we agree with the war (or occupation, whatever it needs to be called now), just that we support those still there, just as we shouldn't criticise those lucky enough to come back and deal with it any any way they see fit. And part of the support is not trying to undermine our own troops in front of the opposition.
  20. Which is the reason that the RN is in such a sorry state.
    No-one says "STOP, thats wrong" because they are all too busy backslapping etc when things are not right.
    If we, on this site, can't talk about our true feelings, where would you have us do it then ?
    If the public are looking at what is written here, GOOD, its about time the public knew how the forces felt.

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