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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. My Grandad recently passed away, and while we was going through his stuff ( to find insurance/ life policies ect ), we found his service record.

    This was for the RN. But he was also in the Army before that.
    Anyway, there was two sheets, one which was like material, and you could hardly work out what was wrote, and another which was card.
    On the readable piece of card, it had his ships he served on ( HMS ST KITTS (X2), CAMPERDOWN, WARRIOR, SHEILA (?) and SNIPE).

    What i want to know what What this means " SG (C) * "
    Its wrote next to his Name AB **** SG (C) *
    I know its his branch, but what is the branch?

    He never really spoke of it, although he did say something about being a Gunner.
    But on this sheet, it says he was used as a driver.
    also on the sheet it says that he " Qualified admiralty Driver 81 % " So must of been a good driver!
    Oh and he was an AB For the whole of his RN career (22 years!), i think he only wanted an easy life :laughing2:

    Hope you guys can give me some answers!


  2. History section probably but there are several RRers who are rather good with things like this. Hopefully one will appear soon
  3. Seaman Gunnery Branch (Control) I think. Rumrat is/was a Gunnery rate and was around when they had 32lbs and carronades. He'll know for definate.:blob5:
    I should have added that the seaman Branch consisted of the Gunnery Branch ( Executive )
    The Radar Branch and the Torpedo and Anti submarine branch.
    The Gunnery branch was subdivided into FC (Fire Control) QA (Quarters Armourer) and a couple of others.
    The Torpedo and Anti submarine branch was also split into (UC) Underwater Control and (UW) Underwater Weapons.
    God was a Gunnery Instructor.
    The Radar Branch did very little and were considered to be a waste of space:plotting:
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  4. Ta Mate,
    If they don't find it here, i will move it over There.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that your Grandad has recently passed away, WS2B x
  6. Thank you Trelawney126, I hope rumrat does turn up :)

    Thank you Soleil, after smoking for 74 years, and alot of drinking in his life, he sadly Died of Lung cancer a couple of weeks ago.
    But was a good man, and and a good Grandfather.


  7. Hello W S to be,

    Very sorry to hear about the recent loss of your Grandfather.

    From his age and length of service it appears that he would have served between the late Fifties to late Seventies and the ships you mention would have been from the early part of his career. Except the ‘Stone Frigate’ - In April 1963 the Naval unit at Northwood was commissioned as HMS WARRIOR and it has since become the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ). That may have been where he was drafted as a Driver - lots of big wheels who always need ‘wheels’1

    Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Doctrine Operations and Diplomacy | PJHQ | Northwood Headquarters

    In his era it was becoming increasingly rare for a Junior Rating to remain an AB and I imagine that countless of his PO’s, CPO’s & DO’s would have tried in vain to encourage him to at least ‘try for your hook’ (Leading Rate).

    Nonetheless, those rare types such as he were generally worth their weight in gold;
    a steadying influence on their younger messmates, a wealth of handy experience for his superiors to draw upon at will, and someone who usually knew where (and unofficially ‘how’) to procure the otherwise unobtainable. ‘Going the extra mile’ from them was merely par for the course.

    If you are really interested in finding more information about his RN service you could try this link:

    Making a Request for Information held on the Personnel Records of Deceased Service Personnel.

    Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Personnel | Service Records | Making a Request for Information held on the Personnel Records of Deceased Service Personnel

    Best of luck and keep us informed, please!

  8. I agree, keep us updated with how you get along. The disclosures people at the MOD are always helpful and its worth having a crack at finding out if you can get more info about your Grandfather. Best of luck
  9. You could also try the Veterans Agency on 08001692277. They will try to help

    You can have a llok on their website as well - www.veteransagency.mod.uk

    Best of luck

  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Hi WSTB...the linen type document is his Service Certificate. I was in the RN at the same time as as your Grandad I think. The SG(C)* means he was a Seaman Gunner(Control), this 'C' indicates that he was trained to use the control systems, not to be manning the guns. If you would like any help decyphering the rest of his Service certificate, PM me. Sorry to hear he's gone. Best wishes.
  11. The Star above the branch badge was awarded after 6 months sea time working on the systems. SG (C)*
    Two stars one above the branch badge and one below it was awarded on completion of a Two's course.
    On completion of a " Ones course" both stars were replaced with a crown above the crossed Guns.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The SG being replaced by FC.
  13. Thanks for replying guys, i have recently found out that he was using the MK 7, 40mm, It says he was the Aimer (?) (From 1948-56). I presume He actually had hands on contact with this weapon, as from 1957-63, he was employed as a Director Trainer on ST. KITTS and CAMPERDOWN.
    I could be wrong about him manning the weapon. But this is what it says on another record i have found. Although i have got very limited knowledge about the systems they were using :L
    He was also employed as a Sentry for a couple years.

    Another question probably for (Granny), On this Gunner Career record, there is a ratings column, and next t it, there is S.Q ( This is where SG(C)* is wrote). But the first entry is AA3? Would you know what that means?

    Thank you all very much for your input, and i will keep you posted with what else i can find!


  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    AA3 would refer to the old gunnery branches. Anti-aircraft. He would have used the smaller weapons, Oerlikon,Pom-pom, 40mm, up to the 4" QF AA guns.
    As the Director Trainer, he would have sat In a piece of equipment up behind the bridge and with his little handles moved the Director , latterally, the weapons would then follow the Director to be on target.

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