Didn't have the balls to ask the careers advisor this

Hi, Thanks for reading...

I really want to join the RN, but the only thing that is worrying me is what will it really be like for a gay man?

Will I have to re-closet myself? :?

I would be joining as a naval nurse, I qualify as a nurse in september.




War Hero
Mate I would stand by (get ready for) if I were you, don't take to heart what you're about to receive. Some will be bad others will be ferkin awful and a few may be of use. Good luck :) .
(I'm a new man since I had my wisdom teeth extracted last week, 22 years no probs then within a month abcesses and pain like you wouldn't believe. Even posting reasonable answers without pi$$ taking 8O .)


NamelessNurse said:
Hi, Thanks for reading...

I really want to join the RN, but the only thing that is worrying me is what will it really be like for a gay man?

Will I have to re-closet myself? :?

I would be joining as a naval nurse, I qualify as a nurse in september.



NZB is quite right you will no doubt get a rant from the 'never in my day' brigade, but it really is not the issue that they (and the press) would make it up to be. I have served with a number of 'out' gays in the service and it has not made an iota of difference. The service is fully committed to equality of employment so don't let it stand in the way of your ambitions.


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NZB Your are letting the side down! (call yourself CICNZRMF(r))

NN . Hi thanks for reading. " What? Larry Grayson could probably take you. (if he has,nt already) If you are looking for a career and a gay lifestyle may I suggest the RAF. Failing that,look no further than the about to be formed New Zealand Royal Marine corps.!( NZB go along with me on this,we don,t have any medics/nurses)yet! No experience required,see ya Hot Lips!
Thank you all for your comments. I think its just a case of not making a big deal about it - just like in everyday life really


War Hero
Nameless nurse.
Depends on your attitude and also your bearing. If you mince and lisp like many of the homosexual presenters on daytime television then you will certainly give the p!ss takers a field day. However many homosexuals are unable to be identified from straights, I've had a couple of mates like this in the past, both great blokes who told me they were gay months after I first met them. Made no difference to me, after a few pints in the bar in Bangkok I went to the girly bars and they went to the gay bars.
NN, your sexuality is no-one else's business mate, in the Navy or outside it. Nor is it an excuse for ridiculing dressed up as "banter". Don't worry (easy for me to say, i'm married with three kids lol) :)
as long as you swallow and give a reach around you'll be fine mate. I'd also recomend buying some real hardcore porn to share, the lads will love it.....honest.

see, I nearly behaved :lol:


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You won't get discriminated against by the Navy for your sexuality, that is absolutely verboten these days, but as has already been said, how your shipmates treat you depends a lot on how you treat them.

"You're not the first and you won't be the last"


War Hero
At least you're joining the right branch! (Only joking) Seriously, we have a couple of openly out guys onboard and they are treated no differently to anyone else.
Thanks, you've all put my mind at rest. I finish university in september then will get my pin number to practice as a nurse and then I can join.


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I left the RN 32 years ago after 23 years service. Even in those days we had our fair share of "different" blokes (the word Gay not yet having been hijacked by the banner waving fraternity). As long as they did their job, mucked in with their messmates, and didn't make a palaver about their sexuality, there was never a problem. I've had several staunch oppos who were homosexual. Used to stay at my house when we were shore based or alongside. Wife and kids welcomed them as I did, not because of their orientation, just because they were good blokes.
Go for it mate - you won't regret it.



\It would'nt bother me as long as you did your job , and not overly camp , crack on mate no big deal these days , best of luck ,
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