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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by 4to8, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. that there really is a complaints page when you hit the button ? I hit it by mistake and there it was.I grew up thinking that if you ever clicked it ,then up would pop a big notice saying FCUK OFF NORMAN but no,its real :roll:

    As for the bug that someone seems to have caught,I bet it was from the seat in the chat-room shithouse after lasts nights uproar
  2. Why what happened last night? I left when it got a bit too near the mark.. even for me...did it get worse? 8O
  3. Mayhem. xRD was still there at 08.00 when i looked in. I just fixed his undies and switched off the lights.
  4. Thats what happens when the adults turn their backs :wink:
  5. AHA but i saved the choccie..

  6. That is the weirdest looking choccie i've seen in awhile! :D
  7. Chat room mayhem? Too near the mark? Pretty tame I thought, has someone complained? I hope so. :p
  8. Hmm clearly I have missed something here, Monty- I also thought it was pretty tame! :lol:
  9. Maybe it's just us wannabe and we've got no morals.

    4-8, when you found XRD in there this morning had he swamped the mess covers and had someone drawn all over his face with permanent marker?
  10. Amateurs! At least one eyebrow has to go! We had a back afty who carried clippers with him for just this event!! Honestly!!
  11. There's nowt worse than waking up to find someone's coloured in your bell-end.
  12. What about when you stood on yer hands to prove that you were the same height upside down and forgot that you were going commando?
  13. That is a giant chocolate cupcake and its Moomins, shes having it later
  14. It was the immac liberally applied to my genitals that gave me the monk-on. However I enjoyed the drawing on my face as it reminded me of when i dumped my load on wannabes :D 8O
  15. Nice! Not!
  16. Bovvered 8O 8O
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I once saw a POWEM (O) crimp in the mess whilst shiters on the Boxer, he got stripped and painted with blue Hammerite. The cruelest such stunt I've seen.
  18. As cruel as making a 'mummy' out of somebody with black maskers? Ouch, that had to hurt.
  19. Or superglueing their arm to their stomach....

  20. God, we were/are an evil bunch of bar stewards, aren't we?!?!
    More, more, more.............

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