Did you know........

The Chinese, in olden days, used marijuana only as a remedy for dysentery?

Any other interesting yet completely useless facts......... please feel free!
In Singapore there was reputed to be an old Chinese Herbalist, who sold pills
that guaranteed pregnant women that the baby would be a boy, providing that
they took the pills in the early stages of the pregnancy.

He also promised to refund the cost of the pills if they failed to work.
And, true to his word, he did just that.

Result, everyone a winner, and he made a pile of money.

'Any other interesting yet completely useless facts......... please feel free'!

Garlic- anti-parasitical, anti-viral, anti-fungal.
Best laxative in the world but not during long car journeys.
Take one clove, slice lengthways into four.
Pop to the back of the tongue, down with glass of water ( don't chew).
Wait twelve hours,stay need a bog and Bob's your Bottie Blast.
No more tums-4-the-tummy.
Well I wish I'd known that before I walked into a challenge from a chef after complaining that the garlic mayo wasn't garlicy enough. Down went the whole bulb (containing a great many cloves). Had the shits for the best part of a week.

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