Did you join at HMS Collingwood

Like what I did?
I joined on August 30 1960 one of the last if not the last entry to join up as a Greenie at Collingrad.
In our class of 'Sprogs' was Airy Fairy Greenies and Scab Lifters (SBA tiffs as was)
After six weeks of marching learning how to wear a Pussers suit with collar silk and lanyard etc we went our seperate ways me and mine as GS Greenies the rest to Ariel and HASLAR.
Any one else out there do the same?
I'm trying to recollect some of the things we were made to do as a Sprog.
Help me!!
yes, 20/ 10/53 as a very skin JEM2 (air), Drake division, D.O. Lt. Cmdr. Blood Reed.
Very fond memories of being made as a class to double at night over the air raid shelters, dressed in pyjamas, boots, oilskins, wearing our gas masks. I cannot remember what rule that one of us had broken, but we never did it again!!
I recall being dragged out of my cart at two in the morning and being made to do something similar but around and around that bloody great parade ground.
I also remember the weird training movies we were made to watch about not talking to anyone about things we did in the Navy, we hadn't done anything, yet. Also films on looking after your 'willy' so as not to catch unsavory social dieases. Loads of notices around the place on National Service.
The day we joined up we were made to muster in Smoke at the recruiting office in the Charing Cross road. We had one of the most severist medical I ever had. Spent most of the morning in the bollicky boo having every orifice inspected weighed three times measured every limb twice before we were taken to Victoria station and on to Fareham (with our clothes on!!) We got to Fareham about three in the afternoon picked up by a Pussers lorry and taken to the 'college of knowledge'. We got there in time for tea. Now that was an experience watching Geordies make rich tea biscuit sarnies by dipping them in tea and putting three biccies between two slices of Pussers bread or the two Scousers in the class make sugar wedges.
After tea we were mustered in the a common room and spoken to at length by some Wren officer who was a Training selection officer (TSO) about the next few days. Then we met our Divisional PO who took us to our new 'home' a wooden shed in a row of other wooden sheds which was one side of the road on the other side of the road was another row of wooden sheds, in fact there was quite a few roads with wooden sheds up each side. Anyway we settled our selves in and got our selves prepared for our first night of Royal Naval life. Well for some of us anyway. One lad it was to be his first and last night in the RN. The next morning bag packed and a requested railway warrant in hand he buggered off home!!

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