Did you have a mad teacher/tutor let us know.


Lantern Swinger

Did you have a taecher (service/civillian/school/other) that was as mad as a box of frogs?

Did they keep you interested in the work in a novel way?

Everybody had at least one foot-stamping mad teacher of some sort.... and let us guys know why/who!



Lantern Swinger
My old English teacher used to jump up and down whenever you grasped a point and used to cry at certain parts in Shakespeare. I also had a teacher who slapped my mate for interrupting his Maths lesson (he was using his inhaler) - happy days.
Had a teacher who would switch the lights off (light came in through the door window from the corridor) and he would read Sherlock Holmes in a 'scary' fashion, history teacher told us daft stories like drilling holes through the neighbours walls to watch their telly, also used to roll up his snot into a ball and flickit. Must be where I picked up that habit come to think ... now realise they were probably all veterans ... bless ... thanks lads ...
Had a latin teacher who gave the whole class one of the belt as we went into the classroon as he reckoned we would all earn it during the class and doing us in one batch would save him time
I can remember Miss Ward sat sitting there her beauty for all to see.

No work was ever done when she was on duty, she turned down my offer of marriage I was heart broken so I resigned as primary school milk monitor!!

Not forgetting a certain teacher"DICKY" who would edge his way to the rear door this was the escape route to the local pub. Two pints later he would return stinking of woodbines and beer.

I remember Ken wanting to go see meet the navy and the visiting minesweeper get a bit of info.

Dicky said if his work is good enough he can go. He said it was not good enough you have done nothing.

Ken threw a wobbler grabbed the table and threw it against the wall shouting what do you think this is you piss artist scotch mist. Dicky grabbed his cane and started thrashing him like a Musketeer fighting a Roundhead. Don't you call me a piss artist he shouted. Ken shouted thats it I am finished.

Never to be seen again!

Such happy times before the days of OFSTED.
The there was the physics teacher whose favoured individual punishment was to make you stand on one of the lab tables and blow a balloon up till it burst. On the other hand he would brew coffee for the class using an wonderful arrangement of lab apparatus.


Lantern Swinger
I did have a wonderful teacher Miss P. She would sit at the front of a class and sit with her legs slightly apart, and she always wore a short skirt and you can imagine the effect it had on us young impressionable boys. She was universally loved by one and all in our class. She eventually married our PE teacher who looked like a action man.... Oh the memories!
Mr Strong, Geography teacher, ex RAF fighter pliot (WWII). Used to come into the classroom with his arms outstreched and clout all those sitting in the aisle seats.

Semper Strenuissima
Went to a school where the majority of teachers were Christain Brothers: 99% Irish, and refought all the indignities forced in Ireland by liberal use of the leather strap (tawse) on all the English pupils who crossed their paths. Got my own back by taking time out for a piss call and collecting every tawse in the school (with a population of 500, not too difficult to be anonymous), going to the athletics field and burning the lot. The Groundsman loved the concept and provided the petrol.
My final school report stated "he was popular with both staff and pupils" - I know whose respect I enjoyed the most......
Had one who caned the whole class because he said someone had brought onions into the class room.

We had Liver and Onions for school lunch that day.

Strange that.

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