Did you ever think!!! You might sink??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Q. Did you ever think you might sink?

    A. All the time. when I was drawing SSP S/M
  2. On a Ley class inshore minehunter, every single day :lol: Often several times a day!!
  3. Whilst serving on the "Woodlark" (Yes there was a pussers war canoe called that), when sailing back from Portland to Pompey. We opened up the deck plates under the wardroom to issue duty free ciggies, only to find about 3 foot of water in the bilges. There was a bit of panic, we then checked the side of the ship only to see a Long gash in the wooden planking. A few emergency calls on the radio and some damage control and we limped into Vernon and then on to Southampton (Vopsers) for a repair job. I remember me and the killick seaman trying to seem to flow and seeing off a couple of cans of beer at the same time. Oh what fun we had


  4. It dosn't help if you hit the Black Rock entering Aberdeen harbour, HMS Guernsey April '87..........dm
  5. I was on the board of enquiry for that in Aberdeen (nothing exciting, just the tape recorder operator), seemed like a junior officer cock-up on the bridge whilst everyone else was eating!!
  6. 71/72 Lost the Helicopter as well :roll:
  7. I wasn't on the bridge at the time, like most of the ships co I was catching a couple of zeds after lunch, and wasn't called to the BOE, I was led to believe that the brand new out of the box navie wasn't paying attantion to what the helmsman was telling him. I was the WEO and i/c after damage control party.
  8. First time I jumped off a ship's bridge wing off the west coast of Scotland wearing one of the old dry suits during an unofficial diving aptitude test. The neckseal clamp came off and the waves started topping up my dry bag with oggin. Fortunately, the killick diver in the safety boat saw my plight and zoomed in to recover me before I reached bottom in 250 ft of water negat BA. I went straight back in wearing the old-style SABA and the rest, as they say, is history.
  9. Every time we opened Main Vents
  10. Main Machinery space fire HMS Charybdis 1975 just after leaving Malta fcuking flames everywhere I was 16 years old and shit meself managed to put it out and got back to the UK on one engine, same problem happened on Ashanti a couple of years later and sadly 3 guys died.
    Manchester 1985 on the way out the Gulf worst fcuking weather ever went on the same course for 4 days because the skipper was to scared to turn round in case one of the goffers hit us side on.
    Falklands 82 fcuking hate Exocet.
    Maybe its just me and I'm a fcuking coward
  11. Sure your names not Jonah, an oppo on Mechs course was on Ashanti when that happened.
  12. Wrecker you are not the first to say that nearly every ship I served on the shit hit the fan
  13. YES - Sheffield 1982
  14. DW remember my Gun Controller on Manchester - Percy Pur**Il AB(M), fcuking thing blew him out of the LAS Sight when it hit.
  15. Also Cherry B about 1969, IIRC (Bilgepump might recall), towing exercises with a Froggie , who decides to back straight into our forward port side (right alongside frames to the main store).
    Frightened the life out of Jack Coxon who was in the store at the time ...... must have been the fastest exit and shutdown of a water-tight hatch on record !!

    No injuries though.
  16. Amazon, Dec. 77, engine uptake fire, big lumps of molten aluminium falling out of the sky, thought we would have to go back to Guzz for repair, but the dockyard matey's in Singers repaired a lot of the damage and we continued our tour of the FES......dm
  17. WM she must have been brand new then as a batch 3 wish I'd done the world trip joined after she got back.

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