Did Kelly commit suicide?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jimmy_Green, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but I think there is certainly more to Dr Kelly's apparent suicide than meets the eye. It seems far too fishy.

    Tonight's programme on BBC2 at 2100, 'Dr David Kelly: the Conspiracy Files' could be quite interesting.

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    his death was a bit convieniant.............
  3. IMHO... No, far to convenient to others. Will it ever be proved one way or the other? No I dont think so... But I would like to think that the truth will come out one day

    A great man, well respected in his field and in his private life. RIP Dr Kelly and may your family also find peace from this sorrowfull incident.
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  5. course he didn't ....... physically! but he took on the government and anyone who does that is commiting suicide! Can't call Mr. B liar a fool, we all do but he had proof! gaurenteed way to commit the big suiy
  6. It just doesn't ring true does it?
  7. Yes he committed suicide.
  8. What I though was interesting was the medical evidence given by two leading pharmacologists who pointed out that he could not have died from the dose he took for his body weight. They were not invited to give evidence.

    He was murdered.

    However given the length of time he worked at Porton, I want to know if he had any knowledge about the cover-up regarding all those invitations to volunteer for common cold research, the evidence for which has all mysteriously gone AWOL. For this reason I admit to feeling somewhat ambivalent about his death. I also want to know why they insist they did not recruit civilian volunteers when they did invite spare-time members of the ROC to volunteer (we were after all technically uniformed civvies). Again nothing can be proved because the medical files have also gone AWOL. Mere coincidence? I think not! :mad:
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Leaving aside the contradiction

    Did they have evidence to offer, or did they have an opinion? Is it these three medical professionals to whom you refer? Their letter to the Guardian was published a day before the enquiry was published. Although the enquiry progress was reported daily, they seem to have been a bit previous. Now that's a conspiracy!

    I have to admit Kelly's death was suspicious given the events beforehand and I briefly entertained the idea that, 'e woz dun in. Normal service was then resumed.

    As this thread is more gossip than Current Affairs it may be moved.
  10. It was an opinion based upon the information divulged.
  11. Gossip? A man died and the people responsible for his death (suicide or other means) are still at large - i.e. certain members of the government including their 'advisors' and certain echelons in the BBC. Neither of which has no shame.

    Both organisations used Dr Kelly as a pawn to pursue their own agendas against each other. Have we all got such short memories?

    The important question, which Hutton never answered, was not how Dr Kelly died, moreover why he died. The BBC raking over the case will do no-one any good, especially Dr Kelly's family.

  12. It was interesting to hear the comments from the chapo who sparked of the cash for honours enquiry saying that the isolation he suffered made him feal suicidal. For Kelly it was even worse as every one had it in for him so perhaps he did.

    I suspect we will never know the truth.
  13. The ambulance team reported that the quantity of blood at the scene was minimal and surprisingly small. It is extremely difficult to lose significant amounts of blood at a pressure below 50-60 systolic in a subject who is compensating by vasoconstricting. To have died from haemorrhage, Dr Kelly would have had to lose about five pints of blood - it is unlikely that he would have lost more than a pint.

    Says it all really!!
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    Fair point GK. The topic mains gossip. Just because the case was rehashed on TV yesterday doesn't make it current however much expertise (actual and armchair) there is on this site.

    The actual Hutton Report (with appendices) is a better source of information if you have the stamina than snapshots/soundbites from the media.

  15. A team of 13 doctors is set to mount a legal challenge in a bid to overturn the "flawed" finding that government scientist David Kelly killed himself.

    "We reject haemorrhage as the cause of death and see no contrary opinion which would stand its ground. I think it is highly likely he was assassinated."



  16. Dr Kelly was No.1 at DSTL Porton Down at one stage. Guess what, his No.2 died in a plane crash in Wiltshire. All seems a bit too fishy to me. Just look at the amount of Doctors and other practitioners who are top of their game - coming out to say he was "assasinated".

    Norman Cook MP took a year out from the Lib Dem front bench and came to the same conclusion...

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