Did Jaguars ever operate from carriers?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by 2_deck_dash, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Bit of a geeky question here.

    One of my RAF acquaintances reckons Jags once operated from Ark Royal. Now before I ridicule him for being a mong of the highest order, I'd like to get my facts straight.

    Did Sepecat Jaguars ever operate from Ark Royal or any other carrier for that matter? I'm assuming the lack of arrestor hooks and other associated WAFUery gubbins would mean they can't.

    What say you oh wise WAFUs of Rumration, is this lad talking utter pump?

    Shall I publicly ridicule him?
  2. Unfortunately the IT fun police have blocked youtube.

    I'll watch it when I get home tonight.

    If it's the vid of the Stig driving an XJS off the ski jump, I'm going to hunt you down and burn your family. :wink:

    Just got home.

    You're fcuking dead. :lol:
  3. No never.

    In the later years the only fixed wing that flew of the Ark were Gannets, Phantoms and Buccaneers from the catapults.

    There was also an early Harrier VSTOL experiments vertical take off / landing.

    The old 'out of tune' mess piano was also jettisoned off the Ark via catapult but never a Jaguar unless there has been some secret black project / trial that i'm not aware of !
  4. Go on!!! hammer the Crab :wink: :wink:
  5. Oh shit! 8O
  6. Jag No No :lol: :lol: looks like a Ford pop?? http://usera.ImageCave.com/scouse/ArkRoyal65(1).jpg maybe he is getting a bit confused :roll: :roll: and was thinking B52s and the Septics :lol: http://usera.ImageCave.com/scouse/Army_B-25_(Doolittle_Raid)(1).jpg
  7. Awesome, I'm going to make him cry.
  8. Publicly out him on here :-


    It's like RR but about 100 times worse 8)
  9. He reckons six Frog ones with modified landing struts landed on Ark in Cyprus.
  10. With no arrester gear and no catapults it would have been an impossible task on the new Ark Royal.
    It may just be possible for a Jaguar to carry out an approach, touch wheels down and do a bolter.
  11. Jaguar M was the french Naval version, and it was cancelled, only one was ever built
  12. That's what I thought, I assume he means the old Ark.

    I still reckon he's a bluffing cnut, I've asked him when he thinks this was and if the Jags had arrestor hooks fitted. Still waiting for a reply.
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They may well have had a sort of arrestor hook fitted for the RHAG(?) system - but not for use at sea.
  14. I'm a Crustacean and hereby authorise you to slap him. Having said that, it appears a few here are also a bit hazy on the subject.

    The French originally planned to procure a navalised variant known as the Jaguar M which had strengthened and modified undercarriage and arrestor hook (although all Jags had arrestor hooks for RHAG). Jaguar M trials were flown from the Clemenceau and were broadly successful by all accounts; a quick look on You Tube should find some video and there’s certainly pictures on google images. However, no trials were ever flown from any other carriers and ultimately, the French cancelled the project in favour of the Super Etendard (SUE).

    Ironically, the Indians subsequently developed a variant of their licensed produced Jags with the SUE’s Agave radar in the nose. This was armed with Sea Eagle and is still in service I believe in the land based maritime strike role.

    So the stock answer is yes there was a carrier variant of the Jag which did fly from carrier on trials. However, it never flew from Ark.

  15. Slap your mate like the beehutch he is. The Frogs only had one built for operating from a boat and they never went near the RN's flat-tops.

    Amazingly, the Jag was originally built as a trainer and Monsieur Frenchy WAS going to have it pour his bateaus. The reason why both ideas are so funny is that if you sit in the back of a 2 seat Jag you can see bugger all (did it once with a mate of mine when he was at ETPS and it was 500% worse than the back of a 2 seat Bona Jet), so it does not posses ideal qualities for a trainer and, being so wonderfully underpowered, hence it's basing for Crabair in the Fens where there is nothing to get in the way of the Earth's curvature and the Jag being able to get airbourne, it would have been a joke on a carrier if it wanted to carry anything more than a 10kg pilot and his plate of frommage.

    It did have a very slinky undercarriage (unfortunately designed by the Frogs) and could take a big hit when Bloggs screwed up a landing; so that would have been a plus for boats but the points above put paid to the original thinking for the Jag's roles.

    I think it did look nice with the later chiselled nose and I've got plenty of mates (sshhhh, they were Crabs) who had a good time flying them (so long as both donks kept going) but your chum's claims are bogus and now he should get the Chinese burn he so richly deserves :)
  16. I was holding out on a full on onslaught on the poor cnut just in case there was a small possibility the frogs landed their 'M' variant on the old Ark (RO9).

    He's just come out with this belter though:

    ''There were six of them, it was during an exercise in 1992.''

    Now he must die. Even I know you can't land a normal plane on a CVF.
  17. 2DD,

    Is that you still running around like the BAF to out him? :roll:

    From where I'm sitting he's just winding you up and is he is now mega-chuckling because you've bitten so badly :twisted:

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