Did I see CCF / SCC Instructors in CS95's or just walts?


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Saw a strange sight today, at the Excel centre in london were a bunch of "re-enactors" standing next to a Ferret and Fox scout car wearing CS95s with SCC rank tabs (wavy navy Lt stripes and a PO flash). No signs of RN insignia and no head gear.

They looked scruffy as f*ck, and I was unclear whether they were genuine cadet staff or walts? If they were cadet staff could someone please grip them as they were really letting the side down - if they were walts then is this a new record - a cadet walt?

Not wishing to denigrate the wider work of the SCC/CCF - having worked with plenty of first rate staff its a real shame that people like this can possibly let the side down.


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Purple_twiglet: Almost certainly Walts mate, they should've been in Carnaby Street, much more appropriate....knobs!!


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Could well have been SCC personnel.

They have "supported" military flavoured events at Excel for a number of years.

SCC personnel are very often the only people that the general public sees wearing the naval uniform at local events these days, so it is important that they do keep their end up.

They may well have been wearing CS95 to "blend -in" with the vehicles, although it may have been more appropriate to have Marine Cadet personnel doing that bit.

If you really feel that they were scruffy, then you should let them know:


Please update us when you get response.

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