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Did I miss something??


What happened to the monster thread saga about Pam the Yank and her Walter Mitty??
Not been around for a couple of days - (poor T'internet connection on board)
and when I get back its gone...... Help


Lantern Swinger
Hey this is Pam and I'm still around here lurking, but yes it has quieted down because my friends here did such a good job of outting Sam the Walt and because of that, and for my heroes reporting him to myspace and yahoo, Sam the Walt is no longer online to trick and con other ladies such as myself, but I am keeping my eyes open for any Walt sightings and if he tries to come back, I will have my Walt eliminators right on it.

I have not heard a word from him or about him since Sunday, so I think he's not going to be bothering me anymore, thank God.

You all are the best and thank you again for you amazing efforts in helping me with this! It not only helped me, but other women that would have been tricked by his scam.


Lantern Swinger
I sure will hig! If that was his 'lady', that is one scary looking woman with all those tattoos! yesh!


Lantern Swinger
higthepig said:
Right guys im sure it can be done, who is the male model? it cant be Sam can it?

I was thinking about that hig, and wishing I had one of those systems like they use in law enforcement to enter someone's picture in to identify them. I really am curious who this guy really is in the pic..that's one i'm supposed to marry! lol just kidding! :)
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