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Did anyone know this chap

The only Nobby Knowles I came into contact with worked at the dunker in Heron. At the pre module brief, strutted around the lecture room in a pair of unfeasibly tight rugger shorts, with apparently a banana shoved down the front. 'I'm Petty Officer Knowles. Anything you can do in water, I've done it'. Some wit from the back of the class says. 'Well. You obviously haven't drowned You cant'... (Yes. I think he was from Lhandhann) Oh how we were beasted. Oh how we didn't laugh...:) RIP Nobby.
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There's a few on a couple of FB pages that knew him, it seems he was on Sovereign for a stint but not when I was on there.

"Tributes have been paid to a 'hero' Falklands veteran found dead at his Cambridgeshire home. Paul Knowles, also known as Knobby, was found at the address in Farriers Court, Peterborough, on Monday night (November 19).

He spent 22 years and one day in the Royal Navy, fought in the Falklands conflict and the first Gulf War

His son, Nathan Naylor, has now paid tribute to the 56-year-old."

He would have been only 14 years old during Op Corporate.

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