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Dictatorial Moderation

Is it right that a moderator should lock a thread because he/she has decided that a subject has been 'done to death'?

There was no excessively bad language, and no discrimination. The thread was in good humour and wit.

I thought the thread was going well.

Is this an example of power going to one's head?

I refer to Reservist Monkey's action on the 'Right I'm Off' thread.
I imagine that the moderator's role is to maintain the standards on the forum, and "Right, I'm off" had really begun to degenerate into nonsensical discussion. As Gref has posted, the thread would have eventually died of its own accord, but because RR members were still keeping it barely alive, it was lingering like the terminal patient.

The decision to lock the thread, good call or bad call? Well, firstly bad call. A nonsensical thread can be an advantage, because all the silly comments get made there and leave the rest of the discussions (hopefully) well thought out arguments.

Good call, because maybe Jim30 is out there, lurking, maybe even reading this right now. Lock the thread, interest in our departed member ceases, and he is forgotten. Maybe this tormented soul will go out and 'get a life'. Least said, soonest mended.
I see no problem in locking the thread at this stage. The mod did insinuate that if there were objections it would be unlocked.
Oh no!! Has Jim30 gone then???? :grin: :grin: :grin:
What a shame!.....(no, I'm not starting that again!! I'll get banned, flogged, thrown off and made to walk the plank!!) :roll:
Cheers Steve,
Just looked him up on the member list and read the whole RNR wardroom thread, I can see why he wound people up and frankly, if his comments are honest, I hope he resigns his commission as well as his RR membership. The guy is a complete tool, obviously doesn't get it and probably never will. At least I didn't miss too much, would love to have had a dig though, but the thread is locked :grin:
I hate it when people throw their toys out of the pram and say they are leaving, they never do, they just hang around and listen or change their username and get started again.

I was going to resign and then rejoin as FishMonsieur. No one would have spotted that and I could have lurked and listened.


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