diazepam on the ranges

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nailz, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. If you have been prescribed diazepam by your doctor to combat anxiety and stress would it be allowed if you wanted to take a large dose to steady your aim on the ranges during training? As you doctors know, diazepam relaxes the muscles and steadies the aim, it also makes you less twitchy and trigger happy, so you become a patient, steady handed and precise killer. On the first Metal Gear Solid game, Solid Snake uses diazepam to defeat Sniper Wolf as the drug steadied his aim and he was able to get clear shots with the sniper rifle.

    I have an ongoing prescription for 5mg diazepam and I'm starting training soon. Just wondering if I could use the diazees at Lympstone to help with my shooting? I have the prescriptiuon so they are not dodgy.
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. link doesn't work
  4. Dear me Nailz, if you're so thick you cannot play, er I mean operate, a child's rainbow xylophone with your mouse cursor and clicky thing, HTF are you going to work out how to release the safety catch of your neo post Lee-Enfield shooty thing :lol:
  5. OK, I'll bite : Try getting your doctor to prescribe 500mg-1 gramme of Valium four times a day as you're obviously brain dead already :D :D :D
  6. The max you can get is 10mg pills (blues). I took twenty mg once (for a laugh) and it knocked me right out. You shouldn't take too many of them really cos they are addictive and they f'uck you up if you drink on them too.
  7. Exactly the reason why I suggest 500mg-1 gramme. Plead with your GP to give you the increased dose..Alternatively you could always get them from DIGNITAS..( Insist on the In for a day patient option) Now do me a favour and Foxtrot Oscar :lol:
  8. Idiot. If I wanted to get 500mg I could simply either buy 50x10mg pills off the street or off the net or get 100 of my prescribed 5mg ones. But your sad attempt at humour is just that ... sad. "why don't u overdose on them lol" .... retard.
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nailz shows the dangers of taking pills.

  10. Then again I'm not the one with a drug problem. Best of luck with the DIGNITAS :D :D[hr]
  11. Problem? I take drugs in moderation actually. Do you drink alcohol? Would you say everyone who drinks alcohol has a drink problem? You're an idiot that doesn'y understand drugs and just believes everything the media and your seniors told you at school.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Drugs are for winners! Look what happened to these ugly [email protected] spent some time on the crack, made them beautiful.

  13. That is crystal meth actually d1ck head. But either way not all drugs are like crystal meth or crack. If you think diazees, salvia, pills and speed make you look like that then you're an idiot. It's like saying "alcohol is a drug look at these pictures of meth heads. This is how you will look if you keep drinkin".

    But it's ok witsend. It's clear you are stupid and probably didn;t do well at school. I don't expect your argument skills to be as advanced as mine.
  14. OMG..... It can reverse BALDNESS!!! :razz:
  15. absolutely 100% cnut. he needs putting down before some unfortunate soul actually believes something he says and hurts themselves. brilliant xylophone btw. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Diazees will only make you better and more precise mate.
  17. YEAHHHHHHHH. if that was really true. wouldn't the mod in their wisdom be handing it out. :?: :?:
    Anything that changes how the body works or how we perceive things is always a bad idea
  18. Nah the MOD don't even equip us with decent rifles. You think they are gonna sling money about for soldiers to take diazees when shooting? Plus they CAN be addictive so they would have to monitor how many you take. It would be hard to do. Best way is to go your docs, say you're suffering from anxiety and get him to prescribe you valium. He will take your blood pressure to see if ur anxious so take a few dabs of speed before you go in and drink heavily the night before. He will diagnose you withj anxiety and prescribe u diazepam. For annual shooting tests or if you want to pass a shooting course or summat, diazees really help. They also help relieve stress so anything stressful coming up and it's handy to have a few diazees to take before hand.
  19. I'm unaware of how much truth is in this, but they all seemed pretty open about it. The USAF supposedly takes amphetamines to keep them alert whilst flying. This apparently causes many of them to become trigger happy. I'd vaguely heard it somewhere in the past, then about 6 months ago saw the documentary Bigger Stronger Faster IMDB link. And it is covered in here, along with interviews.

    If this is true, then it's not exactly a stretch of the imagination to assume the forces would take substances to have the opposite effects, I.E. calm you down, relax you.
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    It should be the official RR answer to any post made by retardboynailz.

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