Diarrhea – Forms and Cures

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. At Wiki: diarrhea from the Greek, "diarrhoia" meaning "a flowing through".

    (Jack’s symptoms would include “following through….â€)

    The SBA’s ‘Mess-Pot-Sip’ (spelling?) mix of kaolin & morphine cured our Maltese Dog cases of Abdominal Diarrhoea.

    Often a bunch of fives was most efficacious in curing the ‘running-off-at-the-mouth’ variant - Verbal Diarrhoea.

    But what inexpensive and expedient remedies are available for the treatment of the newly-discovered but virulent form of Cyber Diarrhoea?

    Only yesterday a poor, plagiaristic, wannabee member of RR exhibited all of the classic symptoms of this highly contagious but essentially boring condition. (No names, but I can reveal a clue: As thick as a double Oggie Sandwich, his initials are J a 5 o n.)

    Flitting around aimlessly, that poor sufferer clocked up over twenty inane posts yesterday in only four hours between early afternoon and his bedtime at approx 1830. That poor soul even went without a stand-easy!

    Any answers please for curing such severe cases of Cyber Diarrhoea?


    PS Shared experiences of the other two Diarrheic conditions above are also welcome on this thread.
  2. As a very baby sailor ( a few moons ago) , I was told to see the Chippie for a flying fid !! 8O
  3. Actually it was longer than four hours
    I think someone is developing dementure it's alright the nurses will be along shortly to tell you who you are and take you home. Here they come.

  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    both dull AND irrelevant. Qualifies on both counts.....
  5. I regualrly take whisky, neathers, to treat my chronic cyber diahorrea
  6. If wit was sh*t, he would be cured :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :wink:
  7. i was once a sufferer of said cyber diarrhoea some of you may remember a couple of years ago in barrow
    it was actually quite contagious although having looked back on period of illness i was a carrier who had the symptoms and i hope i am cured allbeit with a few embarrasing memories(the amount of cyberhoea i was coming out with it was obviously a severe case).

    instructions for cure
    digest 1 lemon
    Grow up
    Remember the internet is a tool for you to use NOT for a tool to use.

    do not digest 1 lemon
    do not grow up(your a matelot it wont suit you)
    try to occupy yourself as boredom is scientificly the biggest contributer to contracting cyberhoea
    remember there are other matelots on here who have more than likely been there done it, or served/friends with the jimmy you slag off.

    I still have the odd relapse now and again but the medication mostly does its job
  8. Tell his ma to pull out the plug

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