Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dhoby_bucket, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Am I the only one? I get so pi55ed off hearing about this woman all the time, do they think she was some sort of saint?? :toilet:

    What are your thoughts??
  2. Manipulative, schemeing bitch........but I would have,
  3. I agree with you there Stirling... apart from I wouldn't have
    Fair play to her for using her position to roger the england rugby captain. Not so sure I agreed with her tastes in ginga army officers
  4. I wasnt very fond of her
  5. It`s ten years, no matter what she did, right or wrong, she should be left to rest in peace.

    Whatever next, Henry the Eigth and Elizabeth the First?

  6. awww c'mon Hig... this is Diamond Lil's not current affairs
  7. Got to give it to her, she liked her hloe.
  8. She was like her monument in Hyde Park, the one with a stream of water running round and round; wet, shallow and going nowhere.
  9. I didn't know her so I really can't comment :) but I did get the feeling that she brought a bit of humanity to the Palace, made them seem more normal to me (don't know if thats a good thing or not).
    I will never know what on earth she was doing with that poor little rich boy dodi though (hmm, hang on a mo....ney ;) )
  10. Princess Diana is dead? When did that happen then?
  11. At first I though Di and Charlie were Ok together .

    However I think the only reason that she isn't left in peace is because
    the alien boss of Harrods is still throwing wobblers into the inquest regarding her and Dodi's death.
    So untill its done and dusted no doubt it'll keep the headlines going.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  12. yes you would not have thrown her out of bed an would have fucked her at the drop of a hat - but she is dead - get over it
  13. Thats the point, the media haven't "Got over it", which, if you read the fcuking thread, is what this is all about.

  14. got bored - dident read it all - fed up with people going on about her
  16. If only
  17. Seems to me that "media" in this context is predominately the Daily Express (does that mad egyptian own this rag?). Their recent front page headline something about the chauffeur not being pissed, OK if he was not a pissed crap driver then he was just a crap driver - he clearly worked for Al Fayed and therefore the "guilt trip". This story will persist like JFK or Elvis until everybody gets bored with it or there is another very high profile, conspiracy driven death to feed a media frenzy.
  18. With reference to this, I would like to add that the Concert for Diana on the box was utterly ruined by the pathetic and utterly disgusting "comedy" utterings of one Ricky Gervais....who seems to thinks it is f***ing hilarious to find humour in a member of the armed forces being shot. If you saw and heard his crap ramblings tonight, I hope you felt the same.....Gervais - you should be fu**ing ashamed of yourself.....may your career disappear faster than Michael Barrymores ever did.

    Yours Sincerely, BBD.

    Journos....read this and print it with my blessing.
  19. Sadly people like him think they are bigger than the whole picture.Perhaps he ought to make a public apology.

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